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How Do They Review The EQ Acoustic Guitar?

January 22, 2021


Glarry® GT509 41" EQ Acoustic Guitar

Equipped with 4 Band EQ (Bass/Midd/Treb/Pres) and volume control knobs, providing better timbre and suitable volume. Built-in pickup systems allowing you to plug it into an amplifier, perfect for stage playing.

How Do They Review It?

One of our customers, The MIC, bought this guitar and shared his review on his channel.

He said: I've been playing this guitar for two or three weeks, and I've been happy with its full tone and its playability. It could use a bit of adjusting, but for around eighty bucks only, it's a good deal!

View More Details:https://bit.ly/39RmGMV

Annie Shred is an electric guitar player, but she really likes owning an acoustic guitar so that she can express her ideas quickly at home.

She said: I like its sound, and it's got really great playability. All the thumbs are here. Really great for beginners.

View More Details:https://bit.ly/39RmGMV

A YouTube channel owner named He Went Rogue shared his honest comments.

He said: Great tone, great action and it works perfectly. You can play directly out of the box. It is versatile, allowing you to use the preamp or plug it into an amplifier. That's pretty amazing.

View More Details:https://bit.ly/39RmGMV

It's A Good Buy!

Glarry GT509 acoustic/electric guitar is available in four finishes, and it comes with several useful accessories.

Click here if you want one: Glarry GT509 41 Inch EQ Acoustic Guitar

Thank you for your attention! And thanks for the sharing from The MIC - Music Inspiration Channel, annieshred and He Went Rogue.

If you still have other questions or suggestions, please tell us, our email address is: [email protected].

Thank you.

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