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GTL Style Semi-Hollow PK: Can You Hear The Difference?

January 07, 2021


Glarry released two GTL Style semi-hollow electric guitars in 2020. Both guitars have attracted many music lovers from versatile genres like blues, country, rock, and jazz. Despite some similarities, the tone, main structure and playability of the two semi-hollow electric guitars are quite different.


F Hole semi-hollow design can impart a tempting warm overtone on the traditional GTL tone and create a slight hoarse sound, perfectly combining modern features with traditional aesthetics. Can you hear the difference between these two semi-hollow?

Check out the videos below:

  • Humbucker-Single Pickup

    6-Saddle Bridge

    Having a humbucker on the neck pickup sounds really warm and robust, and having a single on the bridge pickup sounds pretty thin and bright. It's actually quite a pleasing tone kind of blends. 6 individual brass saddles ensures great resonance for the strings.

  • Closed Single-Single Pickup

    3-Saddle Bridge

    It's got a closed single coil in the neck and a single coil in the bridge, which bring a more rich, clear and delicate sound. 3-saddle vintage-style bridge brings a better sustain effect and a slightly translucent tone, which complements the iconic sound characteristics of TL.


The design of the two semi-hollow body details is slightly different. Including the size and design of the F Hole, the shape of the white pearl pickguard, the shape of the volume and tone control, and whether there is a unilateral. In addition, the material of the fingerboard is also different, one is rosewood and the other is maple.

So, Which Will You Pick?

After more than half a year of precipitation, Glarry's first semi-hollow has developed into a star product and more than 2,000 sold since its launch. Although the second semi-hollow was released late, it quickly emerged in the current guitar field with its clear and transparent sound quality. No matter which one you choose, this is a great buy for the price. Start playing now!

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