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Glarry Guitar Modification:Make a £40 accoustic guitar like a £400 guitar

September 16, 2019


Welcome to Glarry News, today we would like to "report a news" about the modification of Glarry GT501.

For intermediate and advanced players,maybe will have more fun to mod a cheap but quailfied guitar, rather than to buy a "BIG BRAND" guitar.

Gareth Hargreaves, the founder of GCH Guitar Academy Youtube channel, who would like to share his excellent video with us.The video is about mod Glarry GT501 accoustic guitar to Electric Acoustic Guitar.

How to make a £40 acoustic guitar play like a £400 guitar?

In this video I will perform the following jobs on the guitar;
I will bevel the edge of the frets and smooth them off.
I will treat the wood on the fingerboard.
I will lower the action.
I will fit an under-bridge pickup and a Fishman blend preamp
I will remove the mat finish and put a shine on the back of the neck.

All I had to spend to bring this acoustic guitar up to a far higher standard is about £10 for the Fishman blend preamp.

He is excellent!

While put AMP on Glarry GT501, the sound is amazing! You really need to like his channel.

GLARRY GT501 40inch Dreadnought Folk Guitar

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