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Welcome to the WONDERFUL World of SAXOPHONES

May 21, 2020


Welcome to the world of this fascinating and charismatic instrument - Saxophone, an instrument with a tone somewhere between a brass instrument and a woodwind.

Probably the most versatile saxophone of all, you'll hear it in absolutely all music genres, from Jazz and Classical to Rock and Pop, with a menagerie of different playing styles, moods and emotions.

Ranging from Sopranino to Contrabass, the family of saxophones curates one of the widest sound ranges available acoustically. Undoubtedly, the Alto SAX is very often the first choice for beginners and children, due to the fact that it is relatively small and light enouth to be comfortably held. The key system is a little bit closer together, making it easier to grab, hold and play up and down faster. And it doesn't require a huge amount of "puff" to play in tune when you start. That's easier to handle for beginners.

If you are a beginner and, on a budget, then the Alto Saxophone by Glarry is the perfect instrument to start learning on. Our NEW Alto Saxophones will be available from May.28.

They are sold as a kit, you can get all the accessories needed to play the sax. Buy with confidence as soon as they arrival.

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