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Surprising Thoughts On A $73 Beginner Student Violin!

February 09, 2021


Thanks to the beautiful violinist Amy Serrano for sharing her honest review of the GV303 violin.


Amy Serrano tested three different styles of music for the GV303 violin. The first one is classical - minuet, the second one is contemporary - thousand years, and the last one is a classics - crazy train.

Test results: It has a very nice and loud sound and it's really impressed with its vibrancy and the brightness.


All the curves are really smooth and it is very comfortable to play. Hands are able to shift and do fast runs with ease.


Its appearance is so shiny and dark. This will be a beautiful piece to play on the stage for student recital.



In fact $73 not only covers just the good quality violin itself, but also a bow, a rosin, a shoulder rest, a fine tuner, a violin case and a spare set of strings. That's really a bargain.

Perfect for Beginners

If you're just a beginner, or interested in learning violin but don't know yet if you wanna commit, or on a budget, this violin is perfectly fine. You will definitely give this beginner violin 9 points out of 10.

Learn more details: Glarry GV303 4/4 Violin Outfit

We appreciate your interest. If you are interested in Amy Serrano, subscribe to her channel: https://bit.ly/2MPTo9Y. If you still have other questions or suggestions, please tell us, our email address is: [email protected].

Thank you.

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