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Romance That Rocks: Valentine's Day Gifts for Guitarists

January 28, 2022


Looking for the perfect Valentines Day gift to win over your guitarist boyfriend, girlfriend, wife or husband? We've got you covered! Instead of flowers and candy, a new guitar, bass or accessory might be a special surprise to warm their hearts.

Check out a list of Glarry Valentine's Day Gifts below:

The Bass Your Lover’ll Aspire to Play
What's the best gift for a guitarist? A new guitar. If you ask me, the GP bass guitar is a great value-for-money gift that combines exceptional quality with the tone you've been dreaming of. Don't miss the set with Amp, which can save more money and time.
Best Budget Semi-Hollow with Authentic Warm Vibe
The F-hole semi-hollow design and HS pickups provide an attractive warm and powerful tone that is more airy, less punchy with a softer, squashier tonality. Without a doubt, this is sure to be a favorite gift for guitarists who favor a warmer tone.
Perfect Gift for Your Unplugged/Plugged Bassist Lover
If your bassist loves unplugged jam sessions while indulging in cool stage performances, then this new EQ Acoustic Bass is for you. The on-board EQ-7545R preamp allows for a nicely amplified tone. When plugged into an amp, the pickup system can produce a variety of sounds, such as distortion and overdrive.
Best Gift for Your Traveling Guitarist
If your guitarist loves outdoor adventures like hiking, camping and traveling, then giving him the GT502 Travel Acoustic Guitar will impress him. It is very light and perfect for carrying around and fingerpicking. The strings are of high quality and the sound is pure.
A Classic T-type for Your Left-Handed Lover
If there's a lefty in your life, the left-handed GTL Electric Guitar is a great way to upgrade their arsenal. This impressively T-type is a modern player’s dream with a vintage warmth and crisp sound that can easily go from hard rock to country.
Fits 3-9 Guitars of All Sizes
If you sometimes feel like he loves his guitars more than you, why not let him proudly display them for all to admire? This 7 rack guitar stand is the perfect showcase for his beloved guitars.
Suitable for GST / GTL Electric Guitars
One of the perks of dating a guitarist is enjoying their musical romance. This compact and lightweight square guitar case is perfect for carrying around while protecting his beloved guitar. Bright and versatile, the yellow surface is perfect for both men and women. Get ready to be serenaded anywhere!
100% Cotton and Classic Crew Neck Designed for Him
Beef up your loved one's wardobe with a music related t-shirt so that he can proudly display his musician credentials! Available in sizes L to XXL, this black T comes adorned with 4 guitars in the front like a rock god.

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Thank you for your interest.

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