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PRO Alto Saxophone for ONLY $270?! Listen to the SOUND and Review...

February 21, 2022


Check out the video of the Glarry Saxophone Test above to see what it sounds like through the microphone, and a quick review at the end. You will be pretty impressed with it and feel confident enough to play it in a performance.

Link to the Glarry Saxophone: Glarry E Flat Alto Saxophone


Reasonably compact key layout designed to make it easier to grab, hold and play up and down faster.

Great for Beginners

At about 8.15 pounds, it's lightweight and comfortable to hold. The U-tube seals well and never leaks.

It is more friendly to beginners with small vital capacity.

Complete Accessories

Comes with all the accessories needed to play the sax right out of the box, including a case, 10 reeds, a strap, a pair of gloves, a cleaning kit, etc. 10 reeds with a strength of 2.5 are for sound testing. A neck strap improves playing comfort. The case provides 4 ways to carry your sax while keeping it safe and secure.

Great Value for The Money!

The crazy thing about this great sounding sax is that it only costs $270! Compared to $2000 or whatever, it's a wow!

If you're looking for an affordable sax, if you're a beginner trying to learn, if you're a saxophonist and just want to pick up a sax, and aren't quite willing to spend thousands of dollars on one, this is definitely a good choice.

Now available in classic gold and black finishes. Reminder: Not much in stock.

Click here if you want one: Glarry E Flat Alto Saxophone

If you have any questions or suggestions, please fell free to contact us. Our email address is: [email protected]. Thank you for your attention!

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