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Labor Day Deals are finally here!

September 01, 2022


Labor Day Celebration Event is ON! All the craziest deals are finally here. Browse through your favorite music instruments and accessories before they're all gone.

Labor Day Deals:

Value-for-money Entry Level Bass
2 single-coil pickups deliver a slightly thinner, brighter sound with healthy mid range growl. With the simple and elegant finish, this bass is a great and inexpensive option for both beginners and bass enthusiasts alike. Don't miss the great price on the Burlywood version!
As Good to Look at As It Is to Play
If something more strong and metal tickles your fancy, perhaps this beautiful Burning Fire will be more to your liking. A split-coil neck pickup and a single-coil J pickup at the bridge deliver a powerful, punchy tone and classic sounds of bass. Effective for all playing styles, pick and fingerstyle players will especially love it.
Best Gift for Traveling Guitarist
If you are an outdoor adventure like hiking, camping and traveling, then giving yourself a GT502 Acoustic Guitar will definitely impress you.  With its full, round tone and lightweight body, it's perfect for on-the-go and fingerpicking.
A Beautiful Choice for Beginners and Advanced Students
Glarry GV406 violin is one of our most popular new models, with new upgrades in all areas designed to meet the needs of beginner and intermediate violin players. There is no doubt that the upgraded quality, competitive price and excellent sound will surely appeal to your ears.
Saxophone + Case + Mouthpiece + 10 Reeds + More Accessories
Made of quality solid brass and lacquered gold to ensure abrasion resistance and gloss. The compact design of the key layout makes it easier to master playing skills and more comfortable to hold. The well-rounded intonation and warm sound will provide you with the best start for learning alto saxophone.
Suitable for GST / GTL Electric Guitars
If you need a portable and durable case to hold your favorite musical instrument for good protection, this is the one. Made of PVC plastic, with luxurious lining, compartments and lockable latches. The ultra-sturdy flat top box design provides heavy protection for the guitar.
Quite Possibly the Best Guitar for Lefties
This is definitely a left handed guitar with all the features you need. The split single-coil pickup delivers a full and powerful tone with all the vintage warmth and crisp, clear sound that made GP a classic. Plugged in, it will be perfect for a variety of musical styles.

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