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GIB Bass Guitars Are on The Road: Any Fans Out There?

October 23, 2019


We received some letters from our customers, who has sugggested us to create GLARRY GIB Bass Guitars. By communicated with our factory. Now, The GLARRY GIB BASS Guitars are on the road...will arrived on November 11,2019 mostly.

We shipped 40pcs GIB Bass Guitars to our warehouse for "water test". First come, first served! Here we suggest you click ALERT ME ON ARRIVAL button and submit your email. Thus, once the IB Bass on sale, you can place an order immediately.

Here we would like to tell you a little "secret"---ONLY 40pcs!LOL! Do not miss the opportunity!

Thank you for your attention! If you still have other questions or suggestions, please  tell us, our email address is: cs@glarrymusic.com.

We appreciate your interest.

Thank you.

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