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Happy New Year 2023

December 27, 2022


Happy New Year 2023! We're rounding up the best deals you can get today. Rock 'n' roll with Glarry Guitars before they're all gone!

10 Great Guitar Deals:

The F-hole semi-hollow design and HS pickups provide an attractive, warm and powerful tone that is undoubtedly a favorite gift for who favor a warmer tone. Paired with a unique warm finish, it pushes the holiday spirit to the top.
This is one of the most popular flagship, marrying up exceptional quality with the tone you’ve been dreaming about. The split single-coil pickup delivers a full and powerful tone with all the vintage warmth and crisp, clear sound that made GP a classic. Don't miss the set with Amp, which can save more money and time.
With a hum-canceling split single-coil in the middle position and a J-style single coil in the bridge, the GIB delivers a powerful, punchy tone and classic bass sound. You'll definitely be impressed with it, especially at the current price.
Three single coil pickups provide a clear and bright sound and strong penetrating power. How can you miss the special holiday prices on the set with amplifier? Strum the strings and celebrate New Year right now.
F Hole semi-hollow design gives an attractive warm tone on the traditional GTL tone, and creates a slight hoarse sound. Two single pickups bring a clear and full sound, as well as balanced chords and great sustain.
If you are tired of playing 4-string bass, you can try this 5-string. 2 single-coil pickups deliver a slightly thinner, brighter sound with healthy mid range growl. More fresh playing joys are waiting for you to unlock.
This low-priced take on Glarry's pride features the three classic single coil pickups, plus the brand new 20W Amplifier, provide a clear and bright sound and strong penetrating power. The 22-fret 9.5" radius fingerboard is designed for speed and easy bending, providing an unparalleled feel for solo or chords.
As well as coming in at a very wallet-friendly price,  this beautiful Burning Fire both looks and performs great. There’s plenty of versatility in the sound with a split-coil neck pickup and a single-coil J pickup at the bridge. Effective for all playing styles, pick and fingerstyle players will especially love it.
This low-profile 5-string bass guitar is truly a thing of character and charm. 2 single-coil pickups provide a crisp and powerful tone. With a simple and elegant finish, this bass is a great and inexpensive option for beginners and bass enthusiasts alike.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please fell free to contact us. Our email address is: [email protected]. Thank you.

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