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September 18, 2020


GP Bass vs GJazz Bass
Find the Right Bass Guitar for You

GP Bass and GJazz Bass are two of the most popular bass guitars on Glarry, used by players in nearly every genre. Since their release dates, these two basses have maintained a consistent level of popularity along with their fair share of fans. But despite outside similarities, GP Bass and GJazz Bass are two different instruments, each offering their own feel, tone and playability.


The first thing that we notice is that the body styles are slightly different.

GP Bass has more of a classic GST look in design, making it more more ergonomic and comfortable to hold. It has a larger pickguard that extends down to the volume and tone knob.

GJazz Bass has more of a curved tail end with a sleek offset waist. It moved the mass of the body forward, away from a player’s right arm. This makes it very comfortable for long gigs. It has as smaller pickguard so that more of the wood is shown.

  • Split Single-Coil Pickup

    GP bass has one split single-coil pickup that's essentially divided into two, giving it extra versatility and preventing it from suffering from unwanted noise and interference. It gives GP bass a more defined and solid bass sound. A single volume and single tone control manage the sound.

  • Single-Single Coil pickup

    GJazz bass has 2 single-coil pickups that deliver a slightly thinner, brighter sound with healthy mid range growl. With the possibility to adjust each pickup through two volume knobs and a master tone, GJazz bass offers more sound variations.


Rock, hard rock and metal bassists tend to favor the GP Bass while jazz, country and blues musicians usually prefer the GJazz Bass. Check out the videos below:

Check out the videos below:

So, Which Will You Pick?

By now maybe it is clear which bass is right for you. No matter which one you choose, you’ll be getting a great bass guitar that’s versatile too. Another important point: Price is very reasonable cheap especially for beginners. Buy with confidence.

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