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Glarry Guitars & Basses - Excellent Basis for Modification

December 29, 2020


Glarry Mods Gallery

Have you tried modifying or upgrading your guitar? There are some upgrades you can do yourself at home that can give your guitar’s tone and playability a nice boost. If you like your guitar but feel it’s a bit lacking in some areas, rather than completely replace it with a different guitar, you might want to consider some upgrades or mods.

Check out the Glarry Guitars modified by our fans. Can you tell which guitar they were modified from?

Glarry Mods Videos

Easy Mods Make Glarry Amazing!

If you don't know how to do this stuff, pull up the video and learn. It is not hard. Don't be scared. You'll be impressed how far Glarry can take you.

How about mod a left-handed guitar to a right-handed?

This is a great idea to transform a left-handed guitar into a right-handed. It can be a lot of fun for the money.

Gilmour Mod Wiring: Do A Unique 7 Way Switching Mod

Wanted to do a different mod but did not have the right switch in the workshop. So had a go at the David Gilmour mod or 7 way switching as some call it. It was fun and relatively easy to do.

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  1. "I highly recommend these guitars to anybody who's into modding- I replaced the pickups and tuners and got a well sounding and very playable instrument as a result."

  2. "With a few adjustments and mods work, it plays really well and sounds pretty good. It is a great candidate for people that want to practice guitar repair and mods."

  3. "If you want to build a really nice guitar this is an excellent way to start."

  4. "I have been playing guitar for 45 years and know modding and maintenance, this said, I am very happy with purchase."

  5. "I plan on doing some upgrades to make this a beast, overall it was a great purchase and I would definitely recommend this website to others looking to get into playing guitar or to someone curious about fixing or modding guitars in general."
Great Affordable Platform for Modding

One of the uses for guitar is as a project guitar. Glarry guitars & basses are a great base for modifications, much cheaper than most kits, neck and finished body are worth the price alone. With some work/upgraded parts, these make very serviceable excellent playing guitars which will rival most off the shelf $500 guitars out there.

If you still have other questions or suggestions, please tell us, our email address is: [email protected]

We appreciate your interest.

Thank you.

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