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Glarry Folk Guitar: Scarlett's Interpretive Dance

August 15, 2019


Chad Kalhagen is an American musician from Wisconsin. He has been singing and playing multiple instruments since 1991. Chad has two guitars, the GT506 and the GT601. On weekends, he often goes to the park with his guitar and daughter.

Recently, Chad shared with us an impromptu dance of his daughter. With the melodious sound of GT601 guitar, Scarlett danced like an elf. Oh, sweetheart, my heart will be melted.

Chad wrote to tell us: I have been buying and using guitar in the US for over 20 years. I breathed a sigh of relief once I got a guitar in your hand. Finally, a guitar company knows what I've been looking for! All I want is a tool that can't make my buyers regret, because I have spent a lot of money. I am 100% proud to support your product, because I have tried these products for myself, and I can immediately tell the real evidence is the performance of your quality instrument.

We are very happy, Glarry guitar brings joy to him and his daughter. Glarry has been working hard to provide music lovers with lower prices and better quality goods and services!

GLARRY GT506 39inch Matte Concert Cutaway Folk Acoustic Guitar

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