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A Style 8-String Acoustic Electric Mandolins are Coming Soon!

July 16, 2020


Looking for an instrument to start your musical journey? A great option for beginners is the Glarry A Style Acoustic Electric Mandolin. Fortunately, they will arrive around Jul 22.

Key Features:

A-Style and F-shape sound holes
14" scale, 8-string, 18 frets, A single-coil magnetic pickup
Mahogany neck, Maple back and sides, Rosewood fingerboard
Easy to play for beginners
Comes with complete accessories

About Glarry Electric Mandolin:

This is a conventional A-style electric mandolin with classic f-shape sound holes that offer decent projection and volume. It has a fuller and more pronounced tone than traditional F-style mandolins, to sound great chopping bluegrass rhythms and melodic leads.

The 14" scale, 8-string, 18 frets, and easy action makes for smooth and intricate fret movements; and the mandolin's bridge and fingerboard produce clarity and plenty of sustain. It is ready to gig with its single-coil magnetic pickup.

It features a Mahogany head and neck along with a Rosewood fingerboard that brings a richer and brighter sound. The mandolin's top, back and sides are maple to for added strength. With its nice vintage look, you'll be noticed on stage or wherever your playing takes you.

What makes this one especially suitable for beginners is its lightweight and compact that allows for comfortable and easy playing. Also suitable for people who want to transition from a guitar, violin, or ukulele and learn the mandolin.

When you purchase the electric mandolin, you will receive all the accessories you need to start playing right out of the box. Save yourself time and money with an all-in-one mandolin bundle!

Excellent Value for Money!

If you don’t want a budget model without compromising quality, the Glarry Electric Mandolin may be the mandolin for you because of its affordability, smooth playability, and rich tones.

Ready to start working wonders with 8 strings? Click the "ALERT ME ON ARRIVAL" button first, then you can place an order as soon as they arrive. See more details: Glarry A Style 8-String Acoustic Electric Mandolin

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