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A Comparison of the New GMF Series - Which One Do You Prefer?

October 18, 2022


Hey G fans, have you seen the two GMF style electric guitars Glarry just released? Designed for players looking for an affordable, stylish and versatile model, both GMF models are tonal powerhouses that punch above their weight. While there are some similarities between these two new models, released at the same time and at the same price, there are still many differences. Follow along as we dig deeper and compare these two guitars.

  • Glarry GMF SS

    Two single-coil pickups provide clear, bright high-frequency tone. A classic on-off-on slide switch allows for flexible tone adjustment while creating an old-school vibe. A vintage-style tremolo system allows for expressive string bending effects, and a floating bridge with barrel saddles provides solid string stability.

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  • Glarry GMF HH

    Open-coil Humbucker-Humbucker pickups boast a powerful output for classic warm, fat and punchy tones. With a three-way switch, they achieve sonic versatility to suit most musical styles. The signature 6-saddle hardtail bridge delivers solid tone, excellent sustain and reliable tuning stability.

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The first thing we noticed was the high degree of consistency in the bodywork. The classic vintage GMF style body has an old-school yet individual aesthetic.

The thin, lightweight body, an easy-to-play "C"-shaped neck profile, and short 24" scale length for small hands provide unparalleled comfort, perfect for learning and playing from youth to adult.

The materials used in these two GMF models are the same. Both are well-made of a selected Basswood solid body with a Maple neck and a Laurel Wood fingerboard. These configurations can achieve the highest cost performance, while ensuring a warm and bright tone with excellent sustain.

Which One Do You Prefer?

With the the GMF series' iconic look and tone, these two guitars have been the center of attention for many guitar enthusiasts since their debut on the Glarry stage. Their individual uniqueness makes them amazing guitars in the current lineup.

Right now couldn't be a more exciting time to get into budget guitars, they are insanely good! No matter which one you choose, you'll get an excellent electric guitar. Buy with confidence.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this comparison and general overview of the two guitars. If you have any questions or thoughts, please contact us at [email protected]. Whether negative or positive, I don't care, I just want to hear what you think! Thank you for your interest.

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