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A $75 S-style Has Got To Suck?? But It's SHOCKINGLY Great!

December 02, 2020



This GST Electric Guitar features include a basswood headstock, a C-contoured maple neck with a 22-fret maple fingerboard, traditional strat right three single coils, five-way switch volume and tones and tremolo bridge.


The body is made of basswood and it is insanely lightweight when you pick it up. Only about 5.51lb. So ergonomic.


First impressions from string to string, it is very very balanced. Sounds really good.
Position four, that's always kind of a sticking point for strats, it's got a little bit of quack. It's like intense but not bad.
Position three, really bright. Compare that to the neck pickup, it's pretty warm.
Position two, this one has more of that classic strat sound.
When flip over the bridge, how bright and present that is. You can try the bar or some overdrive tones or an extended chord here, it sounds really nice and very impressed.
All the tones sound great.


The finish on this sunburst s-style really nice. Like the burst from the black and transitions into the other colors. The satin neck is really beautiful. You don't have any of the high gloss, kind of gloopiness and overall just a nice profile and nice satin finish. It's really attractive.

Let's Take A Closer Look

The nuts actually cut pretty good and the way the nut slots are cut pretty decent. It matches up nicely on the shoulders, so it doesn't stick on the sixth string or the first string side.
There's no sharp frets and there's no frets kind of sticking out higher on the string.
The cavity is cut out for humbucker. If you ever wanted to upgrade and put a humbucker in the neck, you can totally do that.
The back cavity is pretty nice. There's a claw with the ground wire from the front, great three springs and a block. This one is smooth.


If you don't have a S-style guitar, if you don't have a backup guitar, if you don't have a first guitar, this might fit the bill. There's nothing would remotely turn you off getting this for 75 dollars.

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