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$100 Brass Standard Bb Trumpet? Yes, They Are On the Road!

June 24, 2020


Hey, this is Glarry on brass instruments department. We are happy to announce that the Glarry Brass Bb Trumpets are on the road...will arrive on July 3, 2020 mostly.

Let's go to take a quick peek at this coming beginner trumpet.

Rich Tone Sound:

- Key Of Bb: the preferred option for beginners.

- The 4.88 inch Bell mouth design makes the trumpet sound even better, brighter and more penetrating.

- The medium-large bore improves tonal quality for beginner brass players, particularly younger students with smaller lung capacity.

- 7C Mouthpiece is ideal for beginners - helping them achieve a full range of notes with minimal experience.

- It performs in all sorts of music from classical to big band, jazz, pop or even solos.

Material & Construction:

- Beautiful and durable brass body, brass lead-pipe and cupronickel tuning slides.

- The bell mouth adopts an integrated welding technology.

- Double discharge valve, nickel and copper discharge without rust.

Complete Kit:

- Included Accessories: Carrying Hard Case, 7C Mouthpiece, White Gloves and Cleaning Cloth.

- Playable out of the box, no tuning required.

- Hard case is easy to carry around and provides superior protection for the instrument.

If you're just starting out or are simply looking for a more complete set-up, this trumpet is a product of choice as a result of its high quality and cost effective price. Here we suggest you click the "ALERT ME ON ARRIVAL" button first. Thus you can place an order immediately as soon as they arrive.

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Thank you for your attention! If you still have other questions or suggestions, please tell us, our email address is: [email protected].

We appreciate your interest.

Thank you.