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How to Protect Your Guitar?

1. Moist or dry will cause the neck of the guitar to deform or the panel to crack, so don't put the guitar in a place that is too humid. Keep the guitar bag dry, don't put the guitar in the sun, can't put the guitar Place it in a place where the heating is too close.

2. The fingerboard will also leave stains on the strings, so many people will not care too much. In fact, every time you change the strings, you can use the fingerboard oil or pure vegetable oil to wipe the strings. Fingerboard, keep the fingerboard cleaner, don't use water, the wood will breathe, eat the water into its belly, it will deform due to the tide.

3. The upper and lower guitar pillows of the guitar will be pulled out due to the over-tightening of the strings. The strings are too tight and the tension is too large. Not only will the pillows be broken, but also the strings will be broken. Therefore, the tuning must be in the standard pitch range. Inside, if you want to finger and special tuning, be sure to look at the pitch of each string marked on the spectrum. Don't make mistakes to turn the strings off or the pillows to be bad.

4. When wiping the surface of the guitar, use a soft cloth, preferably a cloth cloth. It must not be wet. It must be a dry cloth. If you are not getting clean, it is recommended to use a panel care solution or a guitar care solution.

5. If you don’t use the guitar for a long time, it’s best to relax the strings.


1. The most feared thing about the guitar is to fall, smash, and fall.
2. It is not recommended for beginners to do the replacement or polishing of the silk.