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How to Tune a Accoustic Guitar with Tuner?

The instrument can easily fall out of tune due to changes in the temperature, environment and regular playing…It’s important to learn how to tune a guitar.


At the very begining, you should know something - Guitar Tuning Basics.

Standard guitar tuning, starting from the thickest, lowest-pitched string (the 6th string) at the top of neck. The high E string—the thinnest, highest-pitched string at the bottom of the neck—is known as the 1st string. So from the top to the bottom is 6th string-E string, 5th string-A string, 4th string-D string, 3rd string-G string, 2ed string-B string, 1st string-E string.

Today we would like to share a easiest way to tune a guitar. Instead of using the srings to find the correct tones for other strings, an electric tuner will read and interpret the sound waves it picks up from your guitar and display in notes what it reads.