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Our Mission

Glarry is aimed to do one thing, which is let all beginners have good instruments from the start. We keep our prices reasonable, so everyone can afford our products!


Glarry is the home of a wide selection of affordable good-quality musical instruments, and a place to help aspiring beginners and music lovers realize their musical dreams.

Then and now, we are committed to providing enjoyable music experiences and services. In the future, we will continue to explore more music innovations.

Reasonably Priced, Always Affordable

At Glarry, whether you are a child, teenagers, young or senior, you don’t have to worry about the price at all. You can get good-quality products at an impossible low price!

We frame our strategy with four key pillars: merchandising excellence, supply chain transformation, operational efficiency and customer engagement. This is the foundation for Glarry to achieve its mission and growth.

We Put Your Satisfaction First

Our customers truly make us Glarry. Therefore, we regard customer satisfaction as our top priority. Not only the quality and price of the products, but more importantly, we also strive to provide a pleasant music experience. This is our commitment to the most important person in this process, that is, you.

Our Warehouse

As of July 2021, the company has built 3 major storage centers (with a total area of 540,000 square meters) in the eastern, western and southern United States. The wide coverage provides important favorable conditions for fast logistics and distribution.

At the same time, the company has successively promoted the establishment of a UK warehouse and a DE warehouse to provide support for expanding the European business territory.

Our Service

Fast Free Shipping

We provide fast and free delivery service for any product, without a minimum price.
Transporters: UPS or USPS or FedEx;
Delivery Time: 5-7 Business days

After-Sales Service

Warranty Policy: FREE 180 Days Warranty; Return Policy: 30 DAYS MONEY BACK

Dedicated Customer Service

Our customer service is here to help you. Whether it is product information or after-sales issues, we will provide you with professional advice.

To Our Customer

If you have any questions about Glarry, or are not sure where to start, please feel free to email us. Your voice will let us know what you like and what you want. We will do everything we can to get to know you better: surveys, comments, and overall trend analysis. This will enable us to do better.

Our Email: [email protected]

We hope to hear from you and answer any questions you may have.

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