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Reviews of Glarry UK503 26inch Tenor Matte Rosewood Ukulele
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by D***g on June 01, 2019

A very nice-looking tenor uke, the matte rosewood finish is incredible. The 2 issues I have are 1) The nut is slightly higher than I like, making the string height up the neck uncomfortable. This should be fairly easy to remedy. 2) The Bridge material is a cutoff piece of plastic, which unfortunately does not fit snuggly in the bridge slot. This plays hell with the intonation, and this piece will need to be replaced, likely with a harder material like bone or Corian. The uke has a warm clear tone. The provided strings are for a high G tuning. Regardless of your preference for high or low G tuning, I'd recommend swapping the strings out right away - no point in waiting for bad strings to stretch just to have to replace them later. Would I recommend this uke? It does need a little help, but the end result will be worth the time put in to get it there.