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Reviews of Glarry GST Electric Guitar White Red Blue Yellow Green Sunset Sky Blue Black
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Customer Reviews(305)

by S***e

on October 18, 2019

This seller gave me a great deal on this guitar. The pickups on it are SO nice...the neck?...eh..lol...it's not quite as thick as a baseball bat but I can take care of that with a little work. I think the frets have been crowned....the frets are VERY Nice which is almost unknown on a guitar at this price point. I'm very happy with my purchase. I'd buy from them again.

by J***i

on October 17, 2019

Has anyone else receive the wrong thing? I ordered a yellow guitar and instead they sent a white bass. There is no phone number to call,so this really sucks man!

Service Team:

We are apologize for this, it is our mistake. We will send the right one to you. Our after-sale-service staff have gave you a call and sent an email to you, please check the email.Thank you for your order. GLARRY

by P***e

on October 16, 2019

For this price?? Its a winner. I got the white, the neck is remarkably smooth, the fret work is not bad and the pickups are pretty decent. Its a shame we didnt have good deals like this when we were kids back in the 70's. Today really is the golden age of cheap guitars!!!

by K***r

on October 15, 2019

I love this guitar. After pouring over tons of reviews and electric guitars I decided on this one. The seller is fantastic and responsive to a little issue I had. I am a beginner 101 at its a beautiful looking and great sounding guitar.

by D***d

on October 14, 2019

This is a full-size facsimile of a "Fender Stratocaster." I haven't owned a Strat for many years. This guitar and the amp that came with it work well together as I'm working to re-learn what years and some disability hid from me. I was pleased when the package arrived in the proposed time period. It all arrived in good condition and with all the items I expected. As I say, I'm out of practice, but I believe this beautiful beast (it's solid wood, with three pickups and multi-stage selector, a vol ...

by r***d

on October 09, 2019

My 15 year old daughter REALLY wanted a guitar for Christmas and we REALLY didn't have guitar gifting funds. We didn't want to cheap-out and give her a piece of crap but after reading a LOT of reviews we decided to take a gamble on this one. We have NOT been disappointed! She LOVES it. It's not top of the line, but it's very sturdy & well made. Perfect for beginners! Plus it comes with a decent amp & some accessories, all for under a hundred bucks. My kid even scrounged up some Christmas money t ...

by M***.

on October 07, 2019

I ordered this guitar as a project. I wanted a white strat style guitar with a maple fingerboard and this was alot less expensive than buying a painted body and neck. the tuners are a little rough but work just fine. the intonation was spot on, and the neck is straight and true. I think this would be great for a beginner since part of learning to play guitar is learning how to setup the guitar to suit your playing style. I was surprised by the tone of the pickups being as good as any other strat ...

by L***r

on October 03, 2019

This guitar Beginner package is a good deal in my opinion.It looked just advertised, and sounds good. The only thin g that was bad is that the bottom tone knob was broken. This guitar was a Birthday Gift so I just took a knob off one of my own guitars to replace the broken knob.That kept that happy smile on her face.

by J***s

on October 01, 2019

Purchased a GST in green w/maple neck. I simply can't believe a fifty two dollar guitar can look as good as this guitar looks. I am 65 and have begun working on guitars. So I got it to use as a project guitar. Completely gutted it, installed Fender Texas Specials, Gotoh tuners , Fender bridge and custom pick guard and it now it looks, plays and sounds incredible. I love it and can't take my eyes off it. All for 200.00, I have a viable guitar ready for the stage. Only criticism I find body is a ...

by B***d

on September 27, 2019

I was very pleased with the guitar for the price. I had to do minimal setup to make it play well.

by A***h

on September 25, 2019

I would to say I love this guitar it fits my hands just right because I have big hands and some guitars out don't fit right for me on electric. So I recommend this guitar to any one.

by g***o

on September 24, 2019

love this guitar plays well good strings tuned great and holds tune.

by E***i

on September 24, 2019

I gave this a 4 star only because there was a small hole in the body where the neck meets the body pocket, it did not cause any playing problems but IMO Quality Control should have caught this. The neck angle was off on mine, had to shim the neck to improve action, pickups are weak but for the cost of the guitar I cannot complain. The finish and color are really nice, what I like best is the neck with its chunky feel and natural finish feeling, after doing a fret level and dressing this guitar ...

by T***n

on September 13, 2019

So far so good. Arrived today this is my 3rd Glarry and I plan on a couple more. I put it through a quick setup and restringed it. Very happy for now. I do plan on a few small mods in the future and this is a great start-off point. Thanks Glarry team for another budget friendly quality option.

by J***a

on September 13, 2019

I wasn't expecting much for the money but I took a chance since it's only $62. I'll say I think these are better than most name brand starter guitars. The neck was ever so slightly rough, but a very light sanding took care of that in about 10 seconds. The finish looked really nice. I upgraded the nut to a TUSQ nut and changed the stock tuners to locking tuners. The stock pickups aren't great, kind of thin and quiet, but honestly not bad. I'll be putting some Seymour Duncans in this thing and the ...

by G***l

on August 26, 2019

Best Guitar yet from Glarry, So far bought 5 of them gave 3 away to my Sons and kept 2 to mod for myself

by L***r

on August 10, 2019

Guitar is good for the price especially for beginners. Arrived damaged in the post but was offered a £20 refund in order to get it fixed locally which I was happy with.

by D***m

on August 09, 2019


by s***n

on August 06, 2019

Not so great ( but wasn't expecting alot) The body wasnt ash or alder-its that lightweight palounia wood used on very cheap Chinese guitars- reminds me of balsa wood it's so light and soft. The neck needed a lot of adjusting, but luckily i know how to do such things. The person that doesn't would be very disappointed. It is a playable instrument once you " get the bugs out"- which at this price is amazing. Wish they had sent me one with an ash/or alder body- no way to tell what kind of wood your ...

Service Team:

We appreciate your support for Glarry. If you have other questions, please contact our customer support center [email protected], we will do everything we can to help you. Thanks for your support.

by N***k

on July 31, 2019

Great pricing and fast delivery A+

by P***l

on July 29, 2019

First realize this is a $60 guitar and is not perfect out of the box. However it is quite good out of the box. The neck is straight, the frets needed less work than my Epiphone, the pickups are adequate. Really like the unfinished maple neck and fretboard and I can't rave enough about the green finish, it's spectacular. Overall pleased and wish they made a T style.

Service Team:

Thanks for your comment. We will try harder to offer better products and service. Glad to tell you, our T style guitars are "on the road", coming soon... Looking forward to your next visit! GLARRY

by T***i

on July 29, 2019

I bought two of these (one after another) to hot rod. They're a great buy at that price. The fret jobs are very good ... no fret ends sticking out on either guitar and they play cleanly and intonate is not a problem. The tuners are fine and the weight is light, yet the wood is resonant. The part that needed attention on both guitars is the nut. Not a great job cutting or placing them in the slot. One of them sat towards the rear of the slot (towards the tuners) making intonation impossible ...

Service Team:

Thanks for your comment. We will try harder to offer better products and service. Looking forward to your next visit! GLARRY

by H***r

on July 29, 2019

Very good for the price.

by R***r

on July 29, 2019

For the price of the GST, you can't go wrong with Glarry! I did have to do a set up on the guitar which was expected. The claw for the springs on the trem was installed to the extreme right which made all the springs pull at an extreme angle to the right. "easy fix" and I did have to replace the tuners. A few of the tuners slipped to much to be able to tune it properly but I believe most people would replace the tuners anyway, I had planned on that before I bought the guitar. The neck was very ...

Service Team:

Thanks for your comment. We will try harder to offer better products and service. Looking forward to your next visit! GLARRY

by A***s

on July 18, 2019

I received my guitar the other day, very fast delivery. I took it to a gig as a spare and ended up using it all night. A little buzz but typical of any single coil setup. Overall completely satisfied, thanks to the service team for the prompt service.

by J***d

on July 15, 2019

UNBELIEVABLE QUALITY!!! Couldn't be happier with my purchase. The guitar just need a basic setup. Frets were flawless the neck pocket is super tight.beautiful paint job. It's amazing for less than $70.00 you can get a playable guitar let alone a great guitar.I would price this guitar in or around the $400.00 range. One thing I would like to see is this model with the option of a humbucker in the bridge postion or double humbuckers. But great quality great price,Highly recommended!!!well done gla ...

Service Team:

Thanks for your comment. We will try harder to offer better products and service. Looking forward to your next visit! Glarry

by K***l

on July 11, 2019

I have purchased 4 guitars from Glarry and I can't say how impressed I am with the quality, speedy shipping, and all around playing experience that I get from these fine musical instruments. I have been playing guitar for over 50 years and have owned many brand name guitars and honestly I would put Glarry instruments up against most of them. I will definitely recommend their products to my friends and fellow musicians. I'm sure I will be purchasing more. 5 stars from this happy customer!!

by D***s

on July 03, 2019

Lots of bang for the buck. Worth the price if someone is even just looking for the parts !

by A***d

on July 01, 2019

I purchased the Glary GST in white from you in May. It arrived quickly. Thanks This guitar amazed me simply because of the quality of the instrument I received for $61.00. there were a few adjustments I needed to make in order for it to meet my needs. (I own a lot of guitars and almost all of them needed truss road adjustments, my preferred strings, intonation etc. to suit my style) This one was no different. The fit and finish was excellent on this guitar (at any price) The sound is not bad, ve ...

by N***k

on June 20, 2019

Great product and fast shipping

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