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Reviews of Glarry GV404 4/4 Full Size Violin Antiqued Bright Yellowish with 2 x Bow / Bridge
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Customer Reviews(81)

by M***e

on December 15, 2022

Violin is perfect for beginners who wish to learn to play, looks professional, came with all items included in description. It looks good and has a nice sound.

by H***e

on November 29, 2022

I have played violin more than twenty years. I bought this violin for my son. This is great for violin beginners. The tone is bright as a new violin. The violin back only use one wooden board, and that is not common in the violin market. This is a plus. The extra strings and shoulder rest are also amazing.

by D***s

on November 20, 2022

Beautiful violin! My daughter shocked everyone with the color. It is really affordable and a good purchase. No regrets.

by O***a

on November 07, 2022

The quality of this violin is eminent as soon as you remove it from its carrying case. All of the strings and tuners are tight and it has a good, warm, solid look to it. The bridge was in when we got it and my son started plucking it right away.

by C***s

on October 27, 2022

This is within my price range and works really well, my niece is a beginner and she loved this gift.

by N***i

on October 19, 2022

This gift far exceeded my expectations for the price. It was a last minute surprise gift. The case, instrument and accessories were of much better quality than anticipated.

by p***n

on September 15, 2022

Great for beginners not too pricey but good quality overall I give it a thumbs up.

by T***.

on September 03, 2022

I ordered for my daughter she loved it

by H***y

on August 26, 2022

Price to quality ratio is outstanding. More than your monies worth.

by D***d

on August 12, 2022

Don't know much about violins but it was nice in appearance. The case was nicer than expected. Perfect for a starter kit.

by M***G

on August 08, 2022

The violin is beautiful. But as soon as we tried to place the bridge, one of the strings snapped. I wish we could hear how it sounds, but now I have to take it to her music teacher and hope she can fix it.

by B***r

on July 27, 2022

This Violin makes a nice loud screeching noise every time I try to play it. My neighbors have started banging on the walls when I practice. I'm not sure if that's applause or not, but it's encouraged me to keep trying. Anyway, it is a great violin.

by P***s

on July 14, 2022

Fast,accurate description,great product

by J***n

on July 11, 2022

This is a perfect product for a beginner and it comes with everything you need.

by H***h

on July 06, 2022

overall a great student violin. if it's your first time owning a violin don't worry if the e string breaks on you quite quickly after unboxing for the first time it's normal. sounds quite good for the price was impressive.

by J***J

on June 02, 2022

I bought this for my 11 year old so she can practice at home. Great instrument for beginners especially for the price and with the extras it comes with.

by W***o

on May 11, 2022

Violin itself looks nice, comes with a decent case, everything you need to get started. If purchasing, I'd highly recommend watching some online videos of how to set up (set the bridge right, tuning and properly applying initial rosin to the bow, etc).

Service Team:

Thanks for your comment. We will try harder to offer better products and service. Looking forward to your next visit! Glarry

by E***i

on April 28, 2022

I purchased this violin to learn something new while we have been stuck in our homes and it's a great instrument! The pegs will need adjusting otherwise forget trying to tune or use it. The peg that holds the neck to the body is a bit too long and causes the sound to not carry as nicely, the bow is good for a beginner but after you get better that can also be upgraded. I recommend if you buy this take it to a luthier and have them fix these.

by T***b

on March 14, 2022

I am very pleased with this student violin. It came with extra strings and an extra bridge. For a low cost violin it resonates well. It is perfect for beginners. I am happy to have a violin for my kids to play without me being overly stressed about them accidentally damaging an expensive instrument.

by P***r

on March 05, 2022

My daughter loves it.

by R***e

on March 02, 2022

The wood is beautiful.Good value for money.And the case alone is wheel worth the price.

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