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Reviews of Glarry GTL Semi-Hollow Electric Guitar HS Pickups F Hole Blue Burlywood Wine Red Transparent Yellow
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Customer Reviews(162)

by M***s

on January 25, 2021

I've been looking to purchase the Red Glarry GTL for several months. It's usually out of stock, but I got lucky and ordered just when they restocked. I'm 69 years old and have been playing the guitar since age 12. From the late Sixties through the early Seventies I played in local bands. I've owned Vintage Fender, Gibson, Guild, Gretsch, as well as high end imports from Japan - Ibanez Artist, Washburn, Yamaha SG. I currently own over 40 guitars. I purchased the Glarry GTL in the color Red. The G ...

by C***a

on August 27, 2020

Review from a Fender Telecaster fan/player since 1976. I bought the Glarry GTL Semi-Hollow Electric Guitar F Hole HS Pickups Transparent Wine Red . I lowered the strings and tweaked the intonation a little, and a quick 1000 grit sanding to the back of the unfinished maple neck. This guitar is truly amazing at this price, The neck is comparable to my old 1972 fender telecaster, though it does have bigger frets. The pickups aren't that bad either. It's a great beginners or practi ...

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by B***n

on November 23, 2020

It's a very nice guitar, especially for the price. While it does have a couple of minor issues (one of the bridge pickup screws is sticking out about 1/4 inch for some reason, and the ferrules on the back are unevenly spaced), they don't affect playability. The guitar is a looker, I have the "yellow" one (actually butterscotch or caramel would be a better description) & the wood grain is very attractive. Fit & finish, while not flawless, are very good. Neck is a little chunky, but I like that so ...

by J***d

on August 27, 2020

I am not much more than a beginner, having started and stopped playing many times over the years. That being said, I am impressed with the looks and feel of this semi-hollow body telecaster. The finish is as good as any guitar I have owned over the years, to include fenders. Would recommend Glarry to any new starter or someone that wants to increase there selection of playable guitars without going to deep into the pockets

by N***y

on August 27, 2020

I've bought several inexpensive guitars lately and this is one of the best in looks and feel. It's a burlywood which looks great and has a nice finish (except for a small crack in the neck pocket). The only obvious issue is that two of the strings are strung through the saddle springs. I had planned on using this guitar to practice upgrades on so, if I have to replace the bridge, that's ok. That being said, I was expecting to also replace the tuners, neck and then pickups. I previously bou ...

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Thanks for your comment. We will try harder to offer better products and service. Looking forward to your next visit! GLARRY

by B***t

on September 05, 2021

Very satisfied! Guitar was in perfect condition, didn't see any blemishes or scratches. Very lightweight!

by J***r

on August 26, 2021

Good guitar for the money. It is not ready to play straight out of the box, mine required lowering the string height and adjusting the truss rod a bit. The intonation was only a little off, only required minor adjustment. The allen wrenches included with the guitar are all you need to make it playable. If you have never set up a guitar, just go on youtube and search for a quick guitar setup tutorial video. It took me about 20 minutes to make the guitar easy to play. The instrument sounds pretty ...

by M***s

on August 13, 2021

This was the first Glarry instrument I've bought with a flaw in it, and I'm glad to say Glarry is sending me a replacement, and they asked me to donate this one to someone in need. So, I'm changing the nut, dressing the frets, and doing a full setup before mailing it out to the Children's Music Fund. They're a non-profit group that offers music therapy, education, and instruments to sick kids. A big thank you to Glarry for making this happen! I'll be shopping with you guys and hopefully setting ...

by M***k

on August 03, 2021

Color & finish bespeaks a guitar worth a $100 more than you are charging.Love the light weight. Great action right out of the box. Nice warm tone. Keep producing quality for the money,and I'll keep buying.

by c***s

on July 29, 2021

my first electric guitar.....very well satisfied....it really is a good guitar.....i changed strings, aligned the neck, oiled the fretboard.....holds tune great(i use wall hangers)....i need some help, i need to change the pickguard but can't find them anywhere.....its different than the glarry GTL (i have the semi-hollow F hole w/humbucker).....where can i buy one that fits?....also i bought the glarry case in black and it's a great case for the money....thanks, chuck

by B***Y

on July 13, 2021

Very pleased with the quality of the guitar considering the price. The only thing was that delivery was slow, otherwise very happy.

by R***l

on July 04, 2021

How can you go wrong with one of these? Beautiful finish, nice single/humbucker combination. I bought 2, blue and red; then a second red one to modify. Love them!

by M***n

on June 26, 2021

I have been playing guitar for over 46 years and during that time I have played every kind of guitar imaginable both professionally and now semi-retired at home and in studio. I used to own a Fender Thinline Telecaster but due to rock and roll being an emotional sport it got destroyed during my younger days in an argument with the singer. I had read and heard a lot about Glarry guitars so decided - when a semi-hollow became available - to take a chance on one as they are so cheap price-wise, I f ...

by D***s

on June 22, 2021

Got this Father's Day!! • Set up right out the box. • Sounds great unplugged. • Neck smooth as silk. • Humbucker sounds soft n warm as butter. My friends with Fenders say it's as good as a regular Tele!! VERY PLEASED, and surprised how well this instrument plays.

by S***o

on June 16, 2021

I had to check it out when I saw the ad for a slimline Tele. I got it last week & put it to the test at a gig. I ended up playing it all night - sounded great, played great. I have been playing since I was 9 years old, always wanted a slimline and this one does the job. Well worth it - Thanks Glarry for a cool guitar!!

by J***s

on June 14, 2021

Hello Glarry - the guitar arrived a few days early - thank you for the prompt service. It is in wonderful condition, I love the red wine color. It plays well, as-received, and did not require anything but tuning. This is my second Glarry guitar, both are the GTL Semi-Hollow F Hole with HS pickups. I plan to re-fit one of them with P90 pickups soon. Next I want to buy a GJazz II Electric Bass with the upgraded pickups and strings.

by R***f

on May 26, 2021

Very satisfied

by B***n

on May 17, 2021

For the price, it's five stars. I have to re-tune the higher strings somewhat frequently, and out of the box, the high-E tended to buzz a little bit if one of the saddles wiggled itself into a funny position. However, Glarry is very forthright about their guitars being aimed at modders. A new bridge would solve both problems. An authentic Fender Tele bridge is only $50, and a top-of-the-line 6-way saddle is less than $60. If I did decided to replace the bridge, I would still have spent unde ...

by R***l

on May 14, 2021

I love my new Glarry GTL! Beautiful finish. I've bought several Glarry instruments. Very good Modding platform. I started a Glarry Club on the Talkbass.com forum. Please stop by and show your Glarry guitars.! I generally mod everything I get my hands on and do a complete setup. Great little instrument right out of the box. You can't go wrong investing in these affordable guitars whether it's a bass or Guitar! Very satisfied!

by C***r

on May 11, 2021

Ordered this guitar Saturday, it arrived Tuesday. Unboxed it and played for an hour. I will polish the frets, and change tuners, but, not super necessary, it came playable, intonation is close too. Ima go wear the stings out before I do anything though. I'm elated, thank you folks, made my day!

by T***t

on May 11, 2021

It beautiful ❤️

on May 25, 2021

It beautiful and I love it

by p***y

on May 09, 2021

Great service

by A***s

on May 07, 2021

Hello! I actually bought two guitars from Glarry, but one came from Wish. I got the wine red thinline with the humbucker at the neck, and also, the black one, with the single coils, with the white binding. I love them both, especially the red one, because of the rosewood fretboard! In the last fifty years, I have owned most every kind of guitar you can get! When the two Glarrys arrived, I plugged into a the Pyle amplifier I also got from y'all, and made a few adjustments to the bridge saddles, ...

by F***'

on April 29, 2021

Great guitar

by C***n

on April 20, 2021

Great company to deal with - fast shipping! The guitar...c'mon, for 120 bux, it's awesome! You have to be willing to do a proper set up on it. Change out the strings. I also refinished the neck...1500 sandpaper, then a coat of Boiled Linseed Oil. Finally, 2000 sandpaper after a few days of drying. These are the things missing from the factory, in order to meet the crazy low price-point. Along with low end hardware and electronics. But again, the super low price. The body is great, the ...

by S***s

on April 15, 2021

Very Nice T Style Guitar Excellent Value. My Favorite Capo fit perfect on the neck. Tuners Saddles Truss Rod all adjusting works well. No problems tuning from standard to open G and back again. I Like the Features and on this T Style. Fun Purchase lot of info and player video's on the site. 5 Stars Glarry

by D***s

on April 15, 2021

Beautiful finish, guitar came nicely packed, quick US delivery. I just changed the strings as I always do with a new guitar, tweaked the neck a little. And it was ready to go!! Smooth neck, no fret buzz, sounds good in my Orange amp!!

by A***y

on April 11, 2021

Frankly, it's much better than I expected for this price point. Good finish on the body, excellent satin finish on the neck helps it to play smoothly. I did have my local guitar tech do a fret job to smooth the fret ends, but otherwise, no mechanical or electrical issues. In other words, it looks good, plays good and sounds good.

by rr

on April 08, 2021

Pleasantly surprised. Beautiful finish, neck in great shape for a guitar at this price point. Great starter guitar. All it needed was a tune up and it played fine right out of the box. I play this quite often instead of my American Teles and enjoy her just as much. Only thing I've done since arrival is replaced the strings. Enjoy.

by G***t

on April 08, 2021

This is a very nice instrument for $120USD, no question about that. Body finish is 5 stars, the neck more like 3 stars as it appeared a bit dried out. Some mineral oil fixed that. Out of box playability was OK: not great, but not bad. The neck needed a slight adjustment as well as the nut slots. Beyond that, string height adjustments at the bridge saddle and intonation settings done and I have great, light weight practice guitar. I found the single coil bridge pickup a little too weak to keep up ...

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