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Reviews of Glarry GPP-103 88 Semi-Weighited Keys Foldable Standard Digital Piano Black
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Customer Reviews(28)

by A***e

on December 11, 2023

The resemblance to a real piano in terms of sound is astounding! I'm overjoyed to discover that this keyboard is highly touch-sensitive, surpassing my expectations. Furthermore, the ability to sustain a note and hear it continue to resonate authentically is a wonderful feature. I couldn't be more satisfied with this find!

by m***n

on December 08, 2023

What a great product! It's incredibly convenient to place and transport wherever you need it. The sound is impressive, and the touch sensitivity is outstanding, especially for someone like me who has some piano experience. I couldn't be happier with this purchase. The only improvement I would suggest is adding stability to the folding edge, although it's not a major issue as long as you place the piano on a flat surface.

by M***a

on December 03, 2023

I'm in love with the foldable functionality of this keyboard. It's such a space-saver and makes traveling with it a breeze. The abundance of sounds it possesses adds an extra layer of excitement to my playing.

by K***k

on November 16, 2023

I bought this keyboard for my son, who is just starting out in his piano journey. It's an amazing product! The compact design is incredibly convenient; it simply folds in half without any buttons or hassle. The sound quality and features it offers are fantastic. The only minor drawback is that I wish it had a bit more volume. Apart from that, we couldn't be happier with this purchase!

by B***.

on October 12, 2023

Being a professional musician, I needed a versatile keyboard that I could take anywhere. This one fits the bill perfectly and comes at an affordable price, making it easier to replace if necessary. Its quality is impressive, with no issues upon arrival, and when connected to a boombox, the sound is suitable for small gigs. While the action may feel a bit stiff and not fully semi-weighted, it's actually beneficial for practicing scales and improving velocity (Hanon, Czerny). The only minor drawba ...

by J***r

on September 24, 2023

We opted to include this keyboard in our larger suitcase, surrounded by clothes to ensure its safety during travel. It proved to be a reliable companion throughout our month-long trip, functioning exceptionally well. Looking ahead, we are excited to continue utilizing it for our upcoming weekend getaways. Although it may not match the caliber of a traditional piano or high-end keyboard, I confidently recommend it for practicing while on the go.

by F***8

on September 21, 2023

The portability of this keyboard is fantastic. I have been able to transport it from room to room without any issues, whether it's from my dining room to my office or even to the garage.

by R***n

on September 19, 2023

I can't wait to see how my student responds to using this keyboard during our piano lessons. Its versatility and functionality will surely enhance the learning experience and make lessons more engaging.

by G***r

on September 14, 2023

I love how lightweight this keyboard is, making it a breeze to take with me to my piano lessons. The fact that it comes with a carrying bag is a bonus. The keys provide an authentic piano-like experience in terms of both feel and sound, adding to my overall enjoyment of playing.

by L***r

on September 07, 2023

The quality of this product is commendable. I particularly appreciate the key's responsiveness and the enjoyable pressing sensation they provide. In terms of value, it is a fantastic choice for the price. It perfectly serves my purpose of having a portable option for travel. It arrived exactly as described, complete with the necessary items. The detachable music stand is a practical addition that enhances the overall experience.

by L***a

on September 04, 2023

I bought this piano specifically for my study abroad experience, and it has proven to be highly portable. Compared to other foldable pianos, the touch-sensitive keys on this product feel excellent. Even as an advanced pianist, this instrument is perfect for instances when I don't have access to a regular piano

by J***n

on August 26, 2023

I couldn't be happier with this piano—it's precisely what I needed for both my home practice sessions and when I'm on the go. It meets all my requirements for convenience and portability without compromising on performance.

by B***n

on July 29, 2023

This compact piano is truly great. Its sound quality is more than sufficient for both at-home use and on-the-go choir practices. I appreciate the prompt listing and fast delivery.

by N***h

on July 26, 2023

I absolutely love this keyboard, especially for beginners. It's lightweight and portable, making it convenient to carry around. While the volume may vary with pressure due to its semi-weighted keys (rather than hammer-graded), it still provides a commendable playing experience, particularly for those starting out. I highly recommend it.

by V***l

on July 23, 2023

We are pleased with this keyboard. It functions well and has been reliable for over a year. However, it is relatively large, so considering getting a stand to complement it would be advisable.

by T***n

on July 19, 2023

This keyboard is absolutely perfect - it surpasses any other keyboard I have ever owned. The sound quality is exceptional and truly impressive.

by S***c

on July 13, 2023

My son, who is the musician in our family, evaluated this piano for me, and he concluded that it is a good option for beginners. While the sound quality from the built-in speaker may not be outstanding, connecting it to an external speaker greatly enhances the audio experience. The added convenience of its foldable design and ability to run on battery power makes it even more appealing. Overall, I would recommend it to anyone starting their journey into piano playing.

by E***s

on December 15, 2022

I have not received my piano. I would appreciate your following through. Thank you

Service Team:

Sorry for the inconvenience caused to you! We appreciate your support for Glarry. We will investigate your order’s status and reply you in 24 hours. Please pay attention to your emails.Glarry

on December 29, 2022

Customer service resolved my delivery issues in just a few days after my complaint and I love that they responded immediately.

by B***s

on November 19, 2022

I was skeptical of buying something like this without seeing it, but it's great quality and easy to assemble

by T***s

on October 23, 2022

My 7 year old has an interest in piano so this is perfect for him to enhance his skills at an affordable cost

by C***.

on August 18, 2022

I purchased thepiano because I've always wanted to learn piano. So far, with the app it's going well.

by I***a

on June 11, 2022

I dislike that it is very hard to learn. I like that there are different sounds that makes it fun.

by L***a

on May 19, 2022

Took a little bit to set up ~ Instructions we're easy to read ~ My son is already playing it

by J***y

on March 09, 2022

What can I say played a couple guitars and they were fantastic can't wait till the keyboard comes then I'll tell you how that is but so far so good and they appreciate the work you doing to get musicians the best beginner and intermediate products that money can buy keep doing the good work

by E***h

on February 18, 2022

I bought this because it looked cool.As far as a being good for beginners,the semiweighted keys are better than regular keyboard keys.

by F***e

on January 19, 2022

Love the sound and feel of this keyboard.

by J***k

on December 29, 2021

You can take it anywhere,excellent value for money.

by K***h

on December 05, 2021

I always concerned about the quality for the foldable function,until I got this piano.My house don't have enough place to stand a piano,so the foldable piano is my first choice,this piano has excellent sound quality.