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Reviews of Glarry GJazz Electric Bass Guitar w/ 20W Amplifier Burlywood Sunset Black
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Customer Reviews(79)

by J***s

on November 11, 2021

Excellent package I'm really impressed I'll be ordering another Bass Guitar from you very soon

by l***z

on October 19, 2021

Very satisfied with my shopping experience with Glarry. Loved the free shipping and I received my order in 3 business days. It was carefully packaged and received in excellent order.

by D***e

on May 06, 2022

Great bass for the price! Light weight, good strings & sounds good.

by B***y

on January 16, 2022

Great bass guitar love it thanks,,,

by J***n

on January 06, 2022

My 13 yr old daughter wanted a bass for Christmas. I researched for a couple months w price and quality the big contenders. Glarry ticked all the boxes, including amp! We got a pair of studio headphones to add to her kit, and are thrilled w our purchase.

by J***h

on December 23, 2021

This is my second bass from Glarry. Always quality for the price.

by D***e

on December 22, 2021

I have not opened the box because I got it for my grandson's Christmas present. But I received it as quick as they said and for that I am thankful.

by R***n

on December 12, 2021

My order was shipped quickly after processing. The coupon helped with the price. The bass was great after turning. This is a nice beginner combo.

by s***s

on October 25, 2021

I purchased a bass guitar for my son for Christmas, therefore, it hasn't been tested yet. Despite a tennis ball sized gouge in the outer cardboard box, the styrofoam encasing the guitar was intact. Upon visual inspection of the instrument, all seemed ok. the frets stick out a tiny bit. all accessories that were advertised to come with the guitar were packed in the box. shipping was incredibly fast too.

by J***s

on August 15, 2021

I don't write reviews too often, but I feel like noting this experience. There was a mix up with my shipping address, and my order was shipped to the wrong address. I was ready to accept a loss; UPS did their job and I'd long lost expectations in customer service, especially some impersonal company I came across online. Happy to say I was wrong. Nothing is more valuable than customer service, especially in the growth of online shopping. My grandson loves his birthday gift Thanks Glarry

by a***s

on July 20, 2021

very good pricing and came very quick it was in good shape and everything

by A***h

on July 06, 2021

This is definitely a great bass for the price, a great first time bass for beginners and a great feel for even advanced players..setup is pretty easy if you know what your doing..I lowered the strings, and set the intonation, truss rod was good to go. The amp is good for practice and is lightweight, perfect for travel and just sitting around at home practicing..just what you'd expect for a small amp of its kind..I'm very pleased with it all, thanks again for making an affordable bass that doesn' ...

by L***e

on June 24, 2021

Great Price. Good Quality. Very satisfied

by D***t

on June 16, 2021

I just bought it, and as a beginner, I dont exactly know what an amazing bass is like, but for 100 bucks, I am very happy. The only "issue" is a bit of buzzing, but that's expected and easily can be fixed, it also might just be my technique.

by D***Y

on June 07, 2021

The Glarry GJazz Bass came in the mail in great shape- no markings, dings, or any damage. The Burlywood finish looks great, and bass overall has a great feel and weight and the components all look solid. The small amp that comes with the bass sounds a bit hollow and empty, so I used my guitar amp and the bass sounds a ton better. Not surprising, since I got a bass and an amp for $110. Overall, very happy with the purchase.

by S***r

on June 01, 2021

Arrived early...Great starter bass

by C***n

on May 27, 2021

I love this bass! Everything works well and it looks beautiful.

by E***z

on May 24, 2021

Looks great just a small chip but can't really see it

by A***s

on May 18, 2021

Bought this as a starter for my 14 year old. We love it! It has been perfect for her to start learning bass guitar. Very well packed, arrived quickly, nice product. Highly recommend.

by A***s

on May 08, 2021

I have to wear a neck brace because when my daughter opened the box for her 18th birthday, she almost broke my neck with excitement hugging me so hard. So it was The Perfect Gift! She loves it.

by T***i

on May 02, 2021

Am a music minister and I must say this is a Great product for a great price. Bought this last year 2020 and has been a lovely one sine then. Highly recommended. Package arrived in tact and as description tells. Looking forward to getting the saxophone

by C***s

on April 16, 2021

Plays and sounds great

by T***e

on April 10, 2021

Absolutely love it, I'm 50 and I've always wanted to learn to play so I decided it's never to late to try, right!☺️

by M***a

on April 08, 2021

I don't know how one can make such a good bass at such a low price. It's a great bang for the buck.

by J***n

on April 08, 2021

For a sub $100 bass it's really great. I just got it learn how to play and it sounds really good for what it is. When it arrived it was well intonated and set up decent, there was only one cosmetic blemish on the tuner but it was minor, the neck has either no finish or a very light finish but once you play it enough it smoothens up and feels good. Great bass would, definitely recommend to a new player.

by K***n

on April 06, 2021

The bass and amp arrived earlier than expected, and is beautiful. The only complaint/issue is that after I placed the order, I never heard even a peep from the company. No acknowledgment of the order, no emailed receipt, no shipping notification, no tracking number...nothing. No communication whatsoever. Other than that issue, which is important for customer service, the bass is beautiful. The amp has a roar/static sound, but will work for practice I guess.

by J***y

on March 26, 2021

Wow!Ordered 2 days ago and received it today! Well packaged, beautiful guitar! I am 73, looking forward to learning how to play! Thank you!

by E***t

on March 25, 2021

I brought the Bass for a project and only hooked it up on the Amp twice but everything worked and sounded good. The videos on this project including unboxing, impressions and sound test are on the playlist at this link. https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PL-RrrMWZ4QFJgiBmI3koH06fhgwKc3eYK

by B***z

on March 25, 2021

For having to choose UPS which makes it difficult to contact them after all of this.

Service Team:

Thanks so much for your feedback, we are so sorry for the issues. Our customer-service will contact you soon. Glarry

by J***s

on March 21, 2021

The bass is great, it looks good, has good-sounding pickups, and is very playable. There was a small issue with neck dive which I fixed easily with weights in the control cavity. I'm taking a star off for the amp. It has very few low frequencies and sounded much better when I plugged my guitar into it, also the speaker rattled around so much that it has what almost sounds like overdrive. Even though the amp is pretty much worthless, the bass is great, especially for $100.

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