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Reviews of Glarry GJazz Ⅱ Upgrade Electric Bass Guitar Blue Burlywood Sunset White
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Customer Reviews(12)

by P***r

on July 20, 2021

Sweet bass came perfectly set up. This is the 2nd G2 Jazz bass I have purchased, first was a blue color. Will look to customize this with black pickguard and tuning pegs.

by H***r

on July 02, 2021

Playability,sound,craftsmanship are all very good! The upgrade is well worth the extra cost.

by M***e

on May 28, 2021

Very satisfied. Perfect for my beginner needs.

by A***D

on April 02, 2021

Hi All - I have about ten bass guitars, from a Fender P bass to a RICK. In my humble opinion I would say this bass is equal to my Ibanez Mikro bass. It does not suffer from neck dive, the neck is baby bottom smooth and the Wilkerson pickup sound great. Out of the box the bass just had to tuned up to play so you can get your ya-ya's out of the way. The next day I put on favorite D'Addario strings and made some minor tweaks here and there and I am a happy bass player. I tuned it to Drop B, Open ...

by J***r

on March 24, 2021

Very satisfied it's great this is my sixth base and I'm very satisfied with all of them thank you gLarry like I said before we need you

by V***r

on March 19, 2021

Upgrades are excellent! A little lower action makes this bass comparable to ones costing twice as much.

by J***r

on February 26, 2021

Just got the new upgraded g jazz bass 2 from GLarry I already had the regular gjs from GLarry the first one was excellent stayed in tune good felt very good to play received the g jazz bass 2 and it also was amazing built very solid very easy to play and I enjoyed both of them so much the the g jazz bass 2 is my fourth base from GLarry all I can say is it's for the price glary instruments so wonderful products I have been so satisfied with the four bases I have bought I am saving up to get a fi ...