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Reviews of Glarry Student E Flat Alto SAX Saxophone Gold Black
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Customer Reviews(46)

by B***t

on June 01, 2022

I recommend buying the cleaning/stand/neck strap combo with this. Great value and you'll need all of it anyway. Also get a new ligature just in case. Sax itself is great.

by E***z

on June 01, 2022

First of all I'm really pleased that I received a week before the estimated date. Second of all this saxophone is amazing ! I used to play the tenor saxophone back in high school and wanted to get back in playing the saxophone. I decided to get an alto this time and I'm not disappointed. I'm starting all over again in learning the notes and all but I gotta say I remembering more than what I excepted. The sound of this saxophone sounds so beautiful and it's craftsmanship just amazing. You definit ...

by M***d

on May 30, 2022

It was very pretty but it wouldn't switch out of the high octave and barley played lower notes, and fluctuated high and low. Also very airy sounding, and you can hear each key being pressed.

by M***n

on May 15, 2022

Really like this instrument. Always wanted to learn to play and it meets my need. I also ordered a stand and cleaning kit just because I wanted them. I recommend this. I'm a beginner so... I'm happy with my purchase.

by C***a

on May 13, 2022

Really enjoy this saxophone. I bought it in hopes of practicing and honestly just having fun. It's beautiful and sounds awesome, it did not come with the additional reeds but with an email to customer service it arrived. Overall I am quite happy with the purchase and assistance.

by M***i

on April 19, 2022

I bought it formy nephew. So far, he is very happy playing with it.

by C***o

on April 18, 2022

This is a great price for a sax. The saxophone did arrive broken, but the seller provided support and supplied a replacement (took about 3 weeks). All in all - I'm happy with the purchase and seller.

by M***a

on March 21, 2022

Very fast shipping and our daughters music teacher even said that this is an excellent instrument.

by M***e

on March 05, 2022

The key guard over my alternate F# key was not welded on fully - that's it. Overall it sounds professional and is great quality!

by A***a

on March 05, 2022

As far as quality goes, you really get what you pay for, but this sax definitely surprised me and wears better than I expected. The body feels sturdy, the carving is gorgeous, and I didn't see any flaws in the paint. The neck felt a little cheap and the pad for the octave key hole is off center but covers just fine. I did not receive the other 9 reeds, only the one that came already in the mouthpiece, but it seemed cheap and just encourages me to buy better ones. Everything else arrived in the b ...

by A***a

on February 13, 2022

PERFECT!!!!! I ordered this Alto Saxophone to play for my university's Pep Band and it completely exceeded my expectations. I am 100% convinced that this is the best quality saxophone, BRAND NEW, at this price. Everything is in perfect working condition, the keys even have a bit of a marble finish! It does not feel cheap whatsoever and I am genuinely amazed with this purchase. Plus, it came with a bunch of new reeds, a case, a cleaner, soft gloves to avoid fingerprints, a cleaning cloth, and 3 s ...

by T***z

on February 13, 2022

Love love love my new Saxophone and the sound is comparable to the more expensive Saxophones out there. It's a great instrument for those that are new to play or cannot afford thousands to purchase the more expensive.

by I***o

on January 26, 2022

This product is a good addition to a young person learning to use and understand the need of music and by this instead of renting to own your own this items. This is a great product and very useful for the future.

by L***s

on January 25, 2022

First time saxapbone player and I was able to play it the first time I tried with no problems. It came very well packed in the case and with cushions under the keys which were easy to remove. This saxapbone sounds really nice. I recommend it and would buy another one

by g***k

on January 05, 2022

Bought this as a Christmas gift for my daughter who hasn't played the saxophone since freshman year in high school. We love the way it looks. Although I haven't heard her play yet she has been practicing her the fingering.

by M***s

on December 26, 2021

Bought it for my girlfriend as a Christmas gift, she loves it, it's beautiful. Great design, great quality, she literally took it to her family's Christmas party to show it off to her mom.

by S***.

on December 20, 2021

This is a great product. I bought the instrument for my son and he loves it so much. He assembled the parts and started playing it as soon as it was delivered. I recommend this product to everyone desiring to have a saxophone. It is user friendly and simple to understanding. Thanks a lot. The search for a good saxophone has just ended!

by E***s

on December 08, 2021

Really like this instrument. Always wanted to learn to play and it meets my need. I also ordered a stand and cleaning kit just because I wanted them. I recommend this. I'm a beginner so... I'm happy with my purchase.

by t***t

on November 16, 2021

I love me saxophone, it came 7 days early and in great condition...

by D***.

on November 09, 2021

This Glarry Music instrument company took care of our need for a perfect saxophone. Thanks again for your highest quality and best service. Five Stars Review on all.

by A***s

on September 16, 2021

My son picked out this sax for his first instrument experience. (Band class) He absolutely loves it! Though for a 5th grader, it was a little heavier than he expected, and almost a bit to tall for him while sitting playing. But we have managed to figure out some tricks to help with that. I did have to grab him a different neck holder, we went with a shoulder piece instead because the weight was a little to much for his neck. He picked up very fast learning this piece. It's a beautiful instrume ...

by V***t

on September 12, 2021

Saxophone is pretty good for beginners or someone trying to pick it back up like me. It is a very inexpensive saxophone and some notes can seem a little out of tune but for the price and craftsmanship I cant complain.

by K***s

on September 01, 2021

Beautiful sax. Really all that needs said. Mine came without any issues and had the box of reeds it advertised. Plays better then I expected, and with its looks I couldn't be happier. If you're looking for a starter instrument for yourself or someone else I think it's a great price for the quality.

by L***z

on August 21, 2021

Recommend highly for beginners or those who want to get back into it after a long hiatus.

by A***s

on August 16, 2021

I ordered this for my adult son for Christmas. He played alto sax in the high school band and wanted to pick it up again as an adult. I was concerned about the quality but when he opened it Christmas he was very happy with the product and according to his wife and kids he has been really enjoying it since.

by I***s

on August 11, 2021

Excellent beginning sax for my grandson. He loves the black option, has learned to play very quickly and practices independently. Good sound. Invites the musician to interact. More reasonable than renting an instrument for us.

by C***n

on August 07, 2021

You won't be disappointed. It's awesome! This is beautiful! Works great. My 13 year old son wanted for christmas so I took the chance cause it said student and it's the perfect size for him. Came with everything he needs to play and clean up afterwards. Took him no time to get pretty sounds coming out. I recommend it for anybody.

by A***r

on August 11, 2021

I wasn't expecting much due to the low price point,but heck was I surprised. I'm by no means a sax player as this is my very first one,but I was able to hit notes,all of which sounded on pitch. The craftsmanship is quite good and overall quality is great. It came with all accessories,even the additional reeds. I'd recommend this to anyone wanting to start the saxophone

by I***a

on July 11, 2021

I love it for the price. I thought at first it wasn't working but realize I had a brain fart. This is beautiful as well, and to be honest doesn't play or sound bad. I thought over all it was a great purchase especially for beginners. The one I purchased was a hand carved golding & black. Absolutely beautiful saxophone!

by U***h

on July 05, 2021

Stopped playing saxophone when I got to high school in 2007. I figured that there was no better time than a quarantine to pick it back up, and this sax made the most sense financially. Two days (and about 8-9 hours) in and I am having more fun than ever with such cheaper instrument than I was used to. After the initial re-learning of making sounds through a reed this sax helped me pick up and take off. Also made the decision that on a daily basis my instrument is staying out of its case; I'm h ...

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