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Reviews of Glarry 36inch Burning Fire Style Electric Guitar w/ 20W Amplifier Red Black Sunset
4.5 5 73

Customer Reviews(73)

by D***y

on April 08, 2022

Great quality for a low price! Sounds just as good as the Ibanez I used to have!

by R***l

on November 28, 2021

This guitar is very nice and the app has great sound thank you glarry

by D***y

on May 24, 2021

I purchased this package for my daughter! SHE LOVES IT! Thank you Glarry!

by D***y

on May 24, 2021

I purchased this for my step daughters Birthday! SHE LOVES IT! Thank you Glarry!

by H***r

on March 27, 2021

As a beginner its beautiful instrument your service was outstanding

by H***o

on December 26, 2020

The guitar ia beautiful. The amp is good. Definitely worth the price.

by G***n

on December 16, 2020

I bought it for myself, and I'm very surprised at how good this guitar is for the price. The action is perfect and the sound is right on. I didn't have to adjust the bridge. I think I'm going to buy another one.

by J***i

on May 07, 2020

This is the GREATEST Electric Guitar I ever Had, The AMP that comes with it is LOUD and you can play GREAT power chords with the pickups

Service Team:

Thanks for your comment. We will try harder to offer better products and service. Looking forward to your next visit! Glarry

by K***i

on April 30, 2020

I watched a few of the videos from glarry.com to see how it stacked up before buying. This is my 2nd Burning Fire purchase - first was the 4 string bass. I'm impressed with the fit, finish and overall quality of these instruments for the price. With very little adjustments I have my latest Glarry guitar sounding great. I might add some better strings, but seriously, for the price range, out of the box this guitar rocks! Only problem I have is which one to buy next.

by R***k

on March 12, 2020

Im still working on giving it 5 stars. The guitars strings were a 1/4 inch off the fret boards so I had to adjust the neck,tweak the bridge and file down a fret or 2...it's better than it was as I fly up n down the neck...raised the pick ups some so I get that healthy feedback...I run into glarry the amp and out of the headphone jack into my Bluetooth system and get great sound out of it... between a slayer and Metallica type of sound...after a couple More fine tunings we can look at star 5...th ...

by m***n

on October 27, 2019

My son was surprised and he loved it!! Thank you.

by K***s

on December 03, 2021

The guitar arrived with a giant ding (through the wood) on the front of the guitar and the neck is chipped. I contacted Glarry with pictures asking for a replacement but have not received a response. Very disappointing because it's a beautiful guitar and I was very excited to give this to my son.

Service Team:

Sorry, we did reply to your email that day, it probably went in the spam folder. We don't have the red guitar in stock, would you like to switch to white black or sunset? I would recommend black, it's our most popular color and I think your son would love it.

on December 04, 2021

Since my review (yesterday), I have been contacted by Glarry and they are sending a. Replacement. They said they will send it out right away so that it arrives before Christmas, hopefully the packaging will will be a little more luxurious:)