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Reviews of Glarry Brass Trumpet Bb with 7C Mouthpiece Black Silver Golden
4.7 5 110

Customer Reviews(110)

by a***n

on May 23, 2023

Nice! Love it!!! Try to practice everyday

by A***e

on May 22, 2023

Perfect starter. This is a perfect starter trumpet!

by R***e

on May 21, 2023

very good quality for its price. i would recommend to beginners and amateurs. i just wish it came with valve oil.

by E***r

on May 19, 2023

Muy buena para principiantes. Muy buena para principiantes, sin embargo la trompeta tenia algunos raspones que note desde que me llego, y unos de los guantes está un poco roto, aun así por el precio buena inversión.

by T***s

on May 15, 2023

Great starter trumpet. Played trumpet years ago in high school. Decided to start playing again. Bought this horn to use. A good horn for a starter instrument or a kid just starting out. Seems to be well made and plays ok. Would recommend for parents to get as a starter for their kid. They can always upgrade later.

by T***f

on May 13, 2023

Good price point. Loved the price... beautiful instrument..the middle key tends to stick even after oil. Probably not the best purchase but it is my son's first yr in band

by P***r

on May 12, 2023

Fine trumpet for target purchasers. I have a more expensive instrument for playing in a group; but, I needed a horn to keep in my car for playing TAPS with my local Military Honor Guard. It has been perfect for that purpose and I believe it is fine for a high school band performer.

by E***J

on May 12, 2023

Good for kids. Younger brother uses it for school, he's happy with it

by E***l

on May 11, 2023

I've had this trumpet for over six months now and I'm still extremely satisfied with its performance. The sound quality is outstanding and it has proven to be quite durable. If you're looking for a trumpet with exceptional value, then I strongly suggest this silver trumpet.

by V***r

on May 11, 2023

The black and silver finish on this trumpet is really striking. It also sounds great and is very responsive. I've played more expensive trumpets that don't hold up to the quality of this one. Highly recommend!

by A***r

on May 09, 2023

I've been playing the trumpet for some time now, but I've never had one of such high quality. The sound is full and rich, and the valves are incredibly responsive and smooth. The design of this trumpet is also quite eye-catching. Overall, it's a fantastic instrument.

by J***s

on May 09, 2023

This is an excellent trumpet at an unbeatable price. It has a great sound and is very comfortable to play. The carrying case is also a nice bonus. I highly recommend it!

by W***s

on May 09, 2023

It's versatile enough for any musical genre and is perfect for both beginners and intermediate players.

by C***d

on May 07, 2023

This is an affordable trumpet that doesn't skimp on quality. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to purchase their first instrument or wanting to add to their collection.

by V***z

on May 06, 2023

I love the versatility of the Glarry Brass Trumpet. Whether I'm playing jazz or classical music, this trumpet can handle it all. The gold finish is also a nice touch that adds to its appeal.

by D***d

on May 05, 2023

The Glarry Brass Trumpet is a great value for its price. It's easy to play and has a nice, clear tone. The included case makes it easy to transport to gigs or practice sessions.

by H***a

on May 04, 2023

This is my first time learning to play the trumpet, but I'm very satisfied with the quality and sound of this instrument. It responds quickly and the valves operate smoothly. Additionally, the black and silver design looks very stylish. Overall, it's a great entry-level option.

by A***r

on May 04, 2023

I am blown away by the quality of this trumpet. The sound is bright and clear, and it's very easy to play. The 7C mouthpiece is also a nice touch. I highly recommend this product to any aspiring trumpeter!

by B***s

on May 03, 2023

I purchased this trumpet as a gift for my son and he can't put it down. The sound quality is excellent and the design is beautiful. This is a great trumpet for both home practice and performance.

by N***n

on May 03, 2023

I am thoroughly impressed by this trumpet. It has a rich, warm tone and the valves are very smooth. The golden finish also looks really cool. This trumpet is definitely worth the investment.

by G***z

on May 03, 2023

As a music teacher, I frequently recommend the Glarry Brass Trumpet to my students who are just starting out. It's a reliable and affordable instrument that provides great sound quality.

by S***r

on May 01, 2023

This trumpet has a great sound and is reasonably priced. However, the valves aren't as smooth as I would like them to be. With some lubrication, though, they are still usable.

by L***y

on May 01, 2023

This trumpet is fantastic! It has a beautiful tone and is very responsive. The silver finish looks really sharp and professional. For the price, you simply can't beat this trumpet!

by J***r

on April 29, 2023

I purchased this trumpet for my son, who is just starting out with music. He loves it! It produces a great sound and is very well-made. Plus, the carrying case makes it easy to take to lessons. Overall, a fantastic value.

by R***s

on April 25, 2023

I'm very happy with this trumpet. The sound quality is great and it's easy to play. My only complaint is that it doesn't come with valve oil.

by C***s

on April 23, 2023

I am in love with this trumpet! The sound is amazing and it's easy to play. Plus, the black finish looks really sleek and cool. I highly recommend this product for anyone looking for a high-quality trumpet at an affordable price.

by N***s

on April 19, 2023

I absolutely love this silver trumpet! It has a bright, clear sound that makes playing an absolute joy. The craftsmanship of this trumpet is outstanding and I was impressed by the included accessories like the valve brush and gloves. If you're looking for a great value on a trumpet, then I highly recommend this product.

by M***s

on April 18, 2023

The valves on the Glarry Brass Trumpet are smooth and responsive, allowing for fast and accurate playing.

by A***r

on April 12, 2023

The Glarry Brass Trumpet is lightweight and easy to carry around, making it a great choice for marching band or traveling musicians.

by T***d

on April 07, 2023

I purchased this trumpet and while it sounds decent, the construction feels a bit flimsy. It's definitely not the best quality trumpet out there, but it gets the job done.

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