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Reviews of Glarry GDP-101 88-Key Home Standard-action Keybed Digital Piano w/Bluetooth Black
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Customer Reviews(55)

by A***.

on August 22, 2023

If you're looking for a piano for beginners, particularly kids, this is an excellent choice. While it may not be the top pick for adult musicians, it still serves its purpose well. We are satisfied with its performance and would recommend it for young beginners.

by P***y

on August 17, 2023

This piano arrived flawlessly packed and was handled with great care during delivery. The weighted keys are just perfect, offering a natural and responsive feel, while the sound quality is truly remarkable. After a few weeks of use, I can confidently say that this piano is an excellent investment, particularly for beginners. Highly recommended!

by A***y

on August 12, 2023

As a first-time digital piano buyer, I couldn't be happier with my purchase. The sound quality of this piano rivals that of much higher-priced models. It's an excellent product at a very reasonable price. I'm thoroughly impressed!

by B***a

on August 09, 2023

It's been a few weeks since I got this piano, and I've been eagerly diving into self-learning. I'm thrilled to say that this piano is incredibly user-friendly, offering a wide range of options that can be tailored to individual preferences or household needs. Considering its price as an electric piano, the quality is impressive. The size is perfect for my room, taking up much less space than a grand piano, yet still delivering excellent sound and including pedals. Regardless of skill level, I wh ...

by E***D

on August 03, 2023

Making this purchase had me feeling a mix of excitement and nerves, but it turned out to be a fantastic decision. The abundance of features on this piano is impressive, and the weighted keys truly replicate the authentic feel of a traditional piano. Additionally, its lightweight design makes it effortlessly portable whenever the need arises. However, the standout feature for me is the headphone compatibility, allowing for uninterrupted practice sessions without disturbing others. I'm absolutely ...

by A***r

on July 13, 2023

I received exactly what I anticipated! The entire family enjoys playing it. The keyboard is of good quality, and changing settings and sounds is a breeze. Even at low volume, the sound remains exceptional.

by J***y

on July 11, 2023

This keyboard is truly remarkable. The sensation of playing it mirrors that of an acoustic piano, and the sound quality is exceptional. I'm absolutely in love with it!

by m***h

on July 09, 2023

For anyone looking to learn or practice, this keyboard is truly amazing. The authentic and graded feel without any spring effect is a joy to experience. Not to mention, it is incredibly affordable! The sound quality is excellent, and the speakers perform admirably given the price point.

by D***.

on July 06, 2023

After thorough research, I made the decision to choose this piano and it has proven to be an excellent choice. It was a delightful surprise gift for a family member who is just starting their musical journey.

by J***i

on July 02, 2023

Although the delivery was delayed, the quality of this piano is exceptional.The sound and graded hammer action keys closely resemble those of an acoustic piano, creating a soothing and inviting atmosphere. The addition of layer and split functions adds an element of fun to practicing. In conclusion, this piano is definitely worth the investment.

by k***r

on June 08, 2023

This digital piano works great! I purchased it for my two boys who are just starting to learn piano. Since we don't have much space, I needed something compact, and this fits perfectly. The sound quality is excellent, and it's a perfect buy for our needs.

by D***t

on June 06, 2023

I'm so pleased with this digital piano! It arrived early, which made me very happy. The quality is excellent, and it was straightforward to set up. The sound quality is fantastic. I appreciate the Bluetooth connectivity, which allows me to practice along with my favorite songs. Overall, I highly recommend this digital piano!

by K***e

on June 01, 2023

Being completely new to music, I purchased this digital piano as a gift for my wife. Both of us are enjoying playing and learning on it. It's much larger than I anticipated, so be sure to have enough space or a dedicated spot for it. It doesn't come with many frills like other digital pianos, but that doesn't matter. The quality seems excellent, and it can help us establish a solid foundation.

by s***s

on May 31, 2023

This piano has been on my radar for some time, and I'm delighted to say that I'm thoroughly impressed with my purchase. For its price, the quality is outstanding. It arrived well-packaged and was easy to assemble, taking about 20 minutes with a friend's assistance. The design is sleek and minimal, perfect for any room in your house. It's also effortless to move around, making it easy to transport throughout your home. The two speakers deliver superb sound quality, with crystal-clear audio that c ...

by C***s

on May 27, 2023

Are you in the market for a big piano/keyboard to start playing or need to replace your old one? Look no further than this product. Some people might argue that you can't get a quality keyboard at this price point that even comes with a sustain pedal (which is worth a lot), but this product proves them wrong. As someone who's been playing keyboard for over ten years, I can say that this product doesn't disappoint. It's easy to transport, not too heavy, and has some fantastic features like transp ...

by W***e

on May 21, 2023

My only complaint about this digital piano is the strip that runs across the top has been lifting since delivery and cannot be pressed back down. Additionally, it lacks the sticker lettering that new learners typically use. Nevertheless, it has a solid key feel and produces an excellent sound. Other than the strip problem, we're extremely pleased with our purchase.

by D***y

on May 15, 2023

I'm no expert at writing reviews, but I wanted to share my experience with this digital piano. As an adult beginner with limited commitment, I wanted something affordable but still of decent quality. My 5-year-old son takes lessons and loves the piano, so we decided to give this one a try. So far, it's been great - it sounds good and plays well. My mom, who's a music major and piano player, even approves! The only issue we've had is with headphones, but we're waiting on a special jack attachment ...

by J***s

on May 13, 2023

The reviews don't lie - this is an excellent digital piano! It's heavier than I anticipated, so I needed help during assembly. However, the process was straightforward, and the piano looks absolutely amazing. The sound quality is exceptional, and I'm thrilled with my purchase. I ordered the bench separately, which was definitely worth it. I would confidently recommend this piano to anyone.

by A***l

on May 09, 2023

This digital piano is everything I could ask for and more! It looks stunning, and the sound quality is top-notch. With a plethora of tones and rhythms available, I'm constantly discovering new ways to use it. The keys are super responsive, which adds to the overall enjoyment. And for the price, it's an unbeatable value. I'm thrilled with my purchase!

by k

on May 07, 2023

This piano is perfect for my son's daily practice sessions, and he loves it! He uses an iPad piano app that plugs into the piano, which helps him track his progress and accuracy. Although the keys have a clicking sound because it's a digital instrument, we did experience an issue when one of the keys became loose and started making a rattling noise. We have contacted the cutomer service for help, and hopefully, we'll be able to solve the issue ourselves since there isn't a piano repair shop near ...

by k***h

on May 01, 2023

I am an experienced pianist and teacher of 40 years, and I was in search of a digital piano that had an authentic touch and sound for teaching purposes. This piano meets all my expectations at a very reasonable price point. Although it doesn't have all the extra features like different synthesized sounds, it still has a fantastic sound and feel that resembles an acoustic piano. The only thing to note is that the upper register can sound slightly tinny, but it's not a significant issue. This is a ...

by G***f

on April 18, 2023

This digital piano has been a godsend for my son who's starting to learn piano. Being able to use headphones with it means that he can practice as much as he wants without disturbing the rest of the household. It's a great feature that we really appreciate!

by E***r

on April 11, 2023

I'm in love with this piano! I spent a lot of time researching and comparing reviews before deciding on this one, and I'm so glad I did. It not only looks beautiful, but it's also very solid and easy to put together. The shipping process was great, and the sound quality is simply stunning. My friend has a Yamaha piano, and he was amazed at how good this one sounds - even better than his own piano! And for the price, it's an absolute steal. If you're considering buying this piano, don't hesitate ...

by M***A

on April 09, 2023

The quality of this piano is top-notch, and my son loves the sound. The only issue was the way it was shipped - as one large piece - which caused some damage to the top back portion. I considered returning it for a new one but decided against it since setting it up was already quite cumbersome. Nonetheless, at this price point, there shouldn't be any flaws.

by K***m

on April 06, 2023

I couldn't be happier with this piano! After researching and comparing for a while, I decided to take a chance on this one - and it definitely paid off. The sound quality is amazing and can easily rival that of an acoustic piano. There are tons of settings to explore, and it's also a stunning piece of furniture that adds character to my home. Don't let the price fool you - this piano is worth every penny, and I don't think a more expensive one would be much better than this!

by J***y

on March 27, 2023

I'm blown away by this piano! It not only looks stunning but also sounds amazing. Setting it up was a breeze - I had it ready to play in under 20 minutes. While some other pianos may have various modes like synth and organ, the simplicity of this piano is what makes it truly elegant. If you're looking for a straightforward and high-quality option, I can't recommend piano enough.

by Y***g

on March 16, 2023

I purchased this digital piano for my daughter as a beginner instrument, and it's been a fantastic choice. The sound quality is superb, and the overall quality of the instrument is outstanding. Highly recommended for any beginner looking for an affordable digital piano that delivers excellent performance!

by T***u

on March 16, 2023

I absolutely love this digital piano! It's been just over three months since I got it and everyone in my household has played on it. The long and narrow shape of the piano fits perfectly against my living room wall, giving the room an aesthetic view. Although it's a digital piano, the added weight on keys provides a traditional piano keyboard feeling which I really appreciate as someone who used to play traditional piano. The package arrived perfectly with all pieces wrapped carefully. Installi ...

by T***a

on March 09, 2023

I'm really happy with this digital piano! The customer service team was amazing and helped me quickly resolve an issue I had while putting it together. Thanks again for your help and patience!

by k***o

on March 02, 2023

Not the best, but still somewhat good. It's an okay piano. The feel of the keys are 'eh'. The headphone thing really got me upset tho. It's either, I'm doing it wrong, or it's just like this. But, when you plug in the headphones it does work, but you can still hear the sound outside (i.e. while playing it with headphones it's still heard without it). I don't really know how to fix it, but for now, the piano itself is okay.

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