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Reviews of Glarry 170 Type Electric Guitar Black Sunset
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Customer Reviews(25)

by M***r

on September 25, 2022

Good beginners guitar. For the money it's great. I order new pickuckups and a floyd rose locking tremolo. Haven't decided if I'm gonna rout it out to pull back. All in all it's a prety good guitar once you get the In tonation set up. Definitely replace pickups so you have have high output pickups.

by A***s

on October 01, 2021

Not a bad guitar for a $100. Basically an Ibanez copy. It is an attractive body style, and I like the way it plays. The light weight body makes it a lot more more practical to play for longer periods of time. I basically bought it as a base to build a custom gig guitar so I am currently in the middle of replacing some of the components and doing some modifications to it. I will be having it set up and fine tuned by my guitar tech when finished. Will probably have about $00 ad some change in it w ...

by R***n

on July 20, 2021

Body of guitar had 2 small dents in the woof that looked like was there before it was painted. Once I tuned the guitar, sounded good. No real complaints, good starter guitar at incredibly affordable price for beginner.

by J***s

on May 06, 2020

Does take a little bit of setup but its minimal at best. By far one of the best budget guitars I have ever played. The intonation a bit high on arrival but that's an easy fix. The guitar holds tune surprisingly well. will I buy another Glarry guitar? Defiantly there are several more models I would love too get my hands on. I already ordered a acoustic hoping Its as good as this electric.