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Start With Banjo - Everyone's A Musician, They Just Don't Know It, Yet!

April 13, 2020


If you are interested in becoming a musician, it is not an age thing. It is not a talent thing. It is willingness. ignore your feelings of inferiority. In fact, ignore any negative thoughts you may have and set yourself to work.

Then start with banjo - Everyone's A Musician, They Just Don't Know It, Yet!

Video is From: Sleepy Man

Video is From: WillowOsborne

Is Banjo hard to play?

There are 4 string banjos - tenor, 5 string banjos - bluegrass, and 6 string banjos - banjo-guitars. Each one requires a different technique and approach. 4 string banjo is played with a pick and you can play melodies quickly and learn to strum simple chords. 5 string banjo is played using fingers and requires a bit more effort to play melodies and songs as there are finger patterns to adopt and incorporate into your playing. 6 string banjo, is played like a guitar and can be either played with a pick or with your fingers. All of the banjos will require you to practice daily and to establish a good practice routine in order to master the instrument.

I do not own a banjo. Where could I get one to play? Glarry Banjos are on the road, will arriving on April 25th, limited quantity, first come, first served! Add to the cart, will be a wise choice, we will notify you once they arrive.

1) 4 string banjos

2) 5 string banjos

3) 6 string banjos

Thank you for your attention! If you still have other questions or suggestions, please  tell us, our email address is: [email protected]

We appreciate your interest.

Thank you.

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