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Semi-hollow PK Solid Body: Which GTL is Your Cup of Tea?

April 26, 2022


I don't know if you've noticed, but Glarry GTL style electric guitars come in two completely different construction bodies: semi-hollow and solid. Since their release, each has had a loyal following with a definite musical style. Despite some similarities, the body construction and tone of these two electric guitars are very different.


The first thing we noticed was the completely different structure of the body.

  • Semi-Hollow Body

    Finished in a semi-hollow body with a solid block in the middle and a classic F-hole that allows airflow to reverberate through the chamber.

  • Solid Body

    The body is made of solid basswood and there are no resonating chambers inside.


The differences in sound between the two bodies are still very noticeable. Click on the videos below to hear how they each sound.

  • The semi-hollow design is the perfect blend of acoustic and electric properties. F-hole provides an airy, warm tone over traditional GTL tones and produces a slight hoarse sound that can handle a bit more gain without producing disruptive levels of feedback.

  • Because the density of the wood contributes to the sustain and also makes solidbody more resistant to feedback from pickups, GTL solid guitar has a longer sustain and a tighter low end. Combined with SS pickups, it produces a very bright, thin and crisp sound.

Finish Details

The detailing on these two bodies is slightly different.

These details include the shape and color of the pickguard, the layout of the volume, tone and switch controls, and the availability of a unilateral.

Which One Do You Prefer?

If you're a fan of musical trends like blues, jazzy and country, then a GTL semi-hollow body can provide you with the more round, warm sound you're looking for. If you're a fan of hard rock, pop and metal, then a GTL solid body may be more of your thing. However, choosing between a solid body and a semi-hollow body comes down to personal preference. Whichever you choose, and what you create with them, is up to you.

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