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Hi, NEW GV4 Violin Series!

February 10, 2022


Another exciting moment here! After more than a year of preparation, Glarry finally meets you today with the latest GV4 Violin Series! There are a total of 6 violins all with new upgrades in all aspects. There is no doubt that the upgraded quality, competitive price and excellent sound quality will surely appeal to your ears.

Why Are These New GV4 Violins Better Than The Others?

New Upgrade GV4 Violins:

Best Value for Money
Well air-dried 3-5 year old spruce solid top and maple body provide a deep, rich, powerful tone with excellent resonance. All ebony fingerboard and fittings contribute to stable and smooth playing. The unique grain is gorgeous and eye-catching, enhancing the upscale look and feel. For beginners and intermediate levels, it performs quite well.
Highest Configuration
The GV403 looks amazing with its natural grain antique matte finish, carefully crafted all ebony fittings and solid spruce top and solid maple back and sides. What's even more amazing is that it sounds beautiful and feels so comfortable in your hand. This outfit was really meant for higher level instruments, but we made it happen!
Perfect for Beginners
Big, bold sound and great hand feel make the GV301 the perfect choice for beginners. Set includes everything you need to start learning to play. The upgraded 3-in-1 metronome tuner makes it easy to experience fast and accurate tuning. For those just starting out, it is quite simple to transition into the world of violin playing.
Great for Antique Lovers
If you like antique violins, you can't go wrong with the GV406. Expertly carved and polished aged wood grain spruce and maple with a high gloss finish that brings out the amazing beauty of the wood and tone. The quality of its construction and accessories far surpasses anything we tested in this price range!
Best New Upgrade
This is one of the best full size violin on our list and made amazing upgrades in all aspects of wood selection, craftsmanship and accessories. It has a rich, deep and bright tone and the high notes are well sounding. Alloy tailpiece with 4 built-in integrated fine tuners for better tuning. Suitable for introductory studies and professional exams.
Reasonable Price
Glarry GV405 is a great, reasonably priced violin for adults and teenage violinists who need a good full-size violin. The annual rings on the sides and back plates with antique matte varnish gives a warm and quaint feel. The tone is nice and the general feeling the violin gives you is pleasant. This is definitely an affordable opportunity.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please fell free to contact us. Our email address is: [email protected]. Thank you.

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