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Hi, G fans, this is the sharing time of Glarry Guitar!

May 27, 2021


Hi, G fans, this is the sharing time of Glarry Guitar! Today’s sharer is R Christian Anderson, who is the winner of the Facebook photo sharing contest held from April 20th to April 29th. He is a guitar novice who has just retired. He himself described that one of the things he has been good at over the years is playing the air guitar. What a lovely little old man!

The photo above is the photo of him participating in the event. It won the first place in an internal vote of our staff. He showed us the perseverance and passion of a retired novice guitarist. This makes us firmer on Glarry's philosophy and mission, and also makes us feel that our work is more meaningful.

He also commented on the Facebook post: Here I am playing my blue Glarry GST first thing this morning! Gosh, I didn't even shave, comb my hair or plug it in yet, I just had to get on it and start jamming! Just holding it is a thrill. I also have a sunset version (not pictured) and beside me is my Glarry 170, which I love! Thanks, #Glarry #Giveaway

Guitar in the photo: Glarry GST Electric Guitar

Here we congratulate the special winner - R Christian Anderson. According to his needs, we sent him a GTL electric guitar for free as a reward. We want to share his happiness with more G fans.

Guitar in the video: Glarry GTL Electric Guitar

He said, Here I am playing the new Glarry GTL Guitar I won in the photo contest. How nice is this guitar? It is "blue" but I call it "Midnight Blue Burst", which it looks like to me. I haven't put it down since it arrived a few days ago! Good luck to everyone in the next contest!

R Christian also shared a photo of him and his partner Grover playing the Glarry GST guitar. He told us that he has the classic red and Grover has the blue burst model. Both of them like Glarry.

Guitar in the photo: GST Rosewood Fingerboard Electric Guitar

Thanks again R Christian for sharing. Thanks to everyone who participated and helped make this contest a success! In case you missed it, you can check out the facebook contest here: https://www.facebook.com/GlarryInc/photos/a.559170547827693/1063046960773380/. Please stay tuned for our next contest.

If you still have other questions or suggestions, please tell us, our email address is: [email protected]

We appreciate your interest.

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