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First Electric Jazzy Guitars Are Coming Soon!

December 14, 2021


Calling all G fans, it is the most exciting time again! We will grandly launch our first electric jazzy guitar - GIZ101 Semi-hollow Electric Guitar.

This is a modern classic guitar works very well for jazzy, blues, rock and other modern styles. With a solid block in the middle of the body, the hollow f-holes on either side let sound echo and reverberate around the chamber to create a warm, dark tone. The impressive curved finishes and trapeze tailpiece won't make it any cooler.

Main Features

Coming Soon

The good news is, Glarry GIZ101 Semi-Hollow Electric Guitars will arrive around December 31. It's smart to click the "ALERT ME ON ARRIVAL" button first. We will inform you as soon as they arrive.

Learn more details: Glarry® GIZ101 Semi-Hollow Electric Guitars

Live Demo

If you have any questions or suggestions, please fell free to contact us. Our email address is: [email protected] Thank you.

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