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Falling | Violin Cover - Does GV306 sound better than other violins?

April 05, 2021


The violin featured in this video is a Glarry GV306. Performed by a professional violinist Michelle Jin. She said, this violin produces a very rich and room filling sound, which is a pleasant surprise at this reasonable price point. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the GV306 to anyone in the market for an affordable violin.

More Info: Glarry GV306 4/4 Spruce Panel Violin Bright Natural Wood Back

Why Is This GV306 Sound Better Than Other Violins?

  • WOOD

    The first reason that makes one instrument better than the other is that the ingredients matter. Including the quality of wood, where it's from, its age, how long it's been dried, its flawlessness, the wod grain width etc.

    Glarry GV306 violin is well crafted from selected spruce solid wood panels and maple backs and sides, that have been dried for more than 5 years, provide excellent resonance and sound.


    Glarry GV306 violin has improved the production process. Multiple fine processes, professionally carving and polishing, finished with a beautiful dark brown varnish, brings out an amazing beauty of the wood and the tone. The sculpted edges and corners are naturally smooth & comfortable to play.


    GV306 upgraded the materials of all accessories,including violin case, bow, bow hair, rosin, strings, shoulder rest, electronic tuner and polishing cloth.

    For example, the bow has been upgraded to a  redwood octagonal bow with durable horsehair, which makes the bow stronger and smoother. A good bow can improve timbre and playability, making it easier to play.

It’s A Best Choice!

It is a pretty high level for a violin that's only $89.99! You don't need to "Rob Your Wallet", you can afford it. If your purpose is beginner or intermediate level, the Glarry GV306 Violin would be more than enough.

Click here if you want one: Glarry GV306 4/4 Violin Outfit

Thank you for your attention! And thanks for the sharing from Michelle Jin.

If you still have other questions or suggestions, please tell us, our email address is: [email protected]

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