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Easy Mods to Give GTL Guitar A Whole New Sound!

July 09, 2020


Here it is! This is a review of Glarry GTL E-Guitar from Austin, the founder of The Trogly's Guitar Show Youtube channel.

In the video, he shows us the unboxing first impressions and inside look of the guitar. What's more, he performs some essential guitar modifications that can improve the sound and feel of the guitar.

- Remove strings and screws.

- Smooth out the rough nut slot.

- Polish the frets up.

- Clean the fretboard.

- Tighten tuners.

- Put new strings on.

- Lower the action.

All of these are fairly easy yet very important guitar improvements that you can make yourself, without costing you a fortune. That will give your guitar's tone and playability a nice boost.

Overall, this is a great buy for the price! With a few adjustments and mods work, it plays really well and sounds pretty good. It is a great candidate for people that want to practice guitar repair and mods. Do yourself a favor and buy one, you won't be disappointed.

See more details:  Glarry GTL Electric Guitar

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