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Charity Fundraising: Hawaiian luau and beautiful gifts

December 27, 2019


Glarry want to do more, we want to embrace the positive qualities of music: its ability to create miracle, to inspire, to express a talent, to creat smiles, and most importantly its ability to heal.

We recently received a letter from Elizabeth, an art therapist at Illinois Loyola University Medical Center. The letter said:I am reaching out because I am an art therapist that works with individuals with cancer whom receive Bone Marrow Transplants. This process is a very excruciating process both mentally and physically where the patient is in the hospital for a minimum of two weeks. Furthermore, all the patients have to undergo a 100 day bout of isolation. During this period of isolation they sometimes cannot see friends, family especially their children, their pets, etc.
Therefore, I am reaching out to see if you would be willing to donate?
Ukuleles to help us to create an art project at our Bone Marrow Transplant Celebration. At this celebration, we celebrate all of our Bone Marrow Transplant Survivors and their family members. Typically we have 200 - 300 participants including patients, family member's, doctors, nurses, and staff.  We will then bring these ukuleles to patients currently receiving treatment in hopes that it offers hope for our patients that are currently going through a bone marrow transplant. We currently have an intern who will teach the patient's how to play the ukulele. In addition to teaching them a new skill during treatment for distraction and emotional expression. Our theme this year is a Hawaiian luau and beautiful gifts or life moments survivors have occured post treatment for survivors. The event will be taking place at Loyola University Medical Center. We are planning on making the ukuleles that day and giving them to patients throughout the year.

We try our best to help people who love music. So we donated 50 ukulele, we believe that by sharing instruments, paitents will redefining their lives. We hope it will be a cure, like the light in the dark night, they will follow the light, and grab it.

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