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GJazz Bass PK: Which One Do You Prefer?

March 24, 2021


Glarry surprised everyone with GJazz Ⅱ Upgrade Electric Bass Guitar, a new version of GJazz Bass. Visually the fretboard is the only obvious difference when you put these two bases side by side. The price difference is 70 dollars, is it worth spending the extra money for the new version? Let's explore the difference in depth.

  • Glarry GJazz Bass

    Glarry GJazz features a Basswood body, a Maple neck, a Rosewood fingerboard and a ABS nut. These can achieve the highest cost performance, while ensuring that the bass produces a warm and bright tone with good sustain.

  • Glarry GJazz Ⅱ Bass

    Glarry GJazz Ⅱ features a premium Basswood body alongside a Canadian Hard Maple neck and fingerboard and a bone nut. These very cool upgrades can help provide excellent midrange and clearer sound quality with superior sustain.


GJazz bass has 2 classic single-coil pickups and universal round wound bass strings, which deliver a nicely smooth warm and bright jazzy sound with a healthy midrange growl.

GJazzⅡ bass has upgraded the single-single pickups and strings, which can provide legendary jazzy tone and performance with crisp high-end, articulate midrange and punchy low-end.


Perfect for a range of genres including metal, rock 'n' roll, and jazz. Can you hear the difference between these two GJazz Bass?

Check out the videos below:

So, Which One Will Be Your GJazz Bass?

After years of precipitation, Glarry GJazz Bass has developed into one of the most popular products, attracting many beginners and music lovers.

GJazz Ⅱ Bass has undergone some major upgrades, with better playability, better sound, better components and longer usage time.

By now maybe it is clear which bass is right for you. No matter which one you choose, this is a great buy for the price. Start playing now!

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