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Glarry GC201 4/4 Solid Wood Spruce Panel Cello Matte Varnish

Glarry GC201 4/4 Solid Wood Spruce Panel Cello Matte Varnish

Glarry GC201 4/4 Solid Wood Spruce Panel Cello Matte
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Color Matte Varnish
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Glarry GC201 Cello

High-Quality Full-Size Solid Wood Cello

This full-size cello features a solid Spruce top, Maple neck, back, and sides, as well as an Ebony fingerboard and tailpiece. Meticulously polished by skilled craftsmen and adorned with a beautiful varnish, it exudes a nacreous and brilliant appearance, providing a superb tactile experience. The seamless connection of the body lines creates an elegant aesthetic, truly making it a work of art.

This cello is suitable for players of all skill levels, includes a lightweight soft bag with pockets and adjustable backpack straps, an Arbor bow with white horsehair, premium rosin, and a maple bridge. This comprehensive package offers excellent value for beginners and intermediate to advanced players.

Glarry is well-known for offering affordable instruments with good quality and performance, specifically designed to meet the needs of beginner cello students, intermediate players, and dedicated cello enthusiasts.

Reasonable prices that everyone can afford!

  • 1. Great Sound:

    Crafted from premium spruce, the cello's top offers enhanced toughness, resulting in a denser and more resonant sound. The maple back, with its distinct texture, not only adds an elegant touch but also effectively absorbs noise and minimizes vibration transmission.

  • 2. Excellent Materials:

    Made of premium ebony, our fingerboard is dense and solid, enabling it to withstand the stress of continuous daily use while providing hours of comfortable play during jam sessions. The ebony tailpiece effectively balances string tension, complemented by four fine-tuning screws for effortless tuning.

  • 3. Maple Scroll:

    Meticulously crafted from premium solid maple, this scroll showcases a classic design with smooth lines. The scroll's color gradient appears more natural and enhances the fantastic hand-feeling due to its meticulous hand-painted finish.

  • 4. F-Holes:

    In contrast to regular f-holes, our f-holes undergo meticulous artificial polishing. This process ensures not only round and refined workmanship but also enhances the sound projection, creating a better and softer tonal effect.

  • 5. Attention to Detail:

    Our cello bow is expertly crafted using superior white horsehair, offering enhanced elasticity and faster sound transmission. Unlike ordinary cello strings, our exceptional steel strings are specifically designed to alleviate finger fatigue and provide a more comfortable playing experience.

  • 6. Custom-designed Bag:

    The bag is specifically tailored to fit the shape of the 4/4 cello and features a generous 7mm cotton padding, providing enhanced protection for your precious instrument. Additionally, it features two spacious pockets to keep your rosin, extra strings, bow, and other accessories neatly organized.


1. The bridge will not be pre-set to prevent damage during shipping.

2. Please handle the tuning pegs with care and push them in when adjusting.

3. Rub the rosin powder on the bow before playing as the new bow may not produce sound.

Setting the Bridge

Begin by loosening the strings slightly. Then place the bridge in the middle of the F holes, with the left side higher and the right side lower. Insert the strings into the corresponding grooves on the bridge and gradually tighten the cello strings.

Tuning Peg

To tune the cello, tighten the pegs carefully and ensure that they are not too loose or too tight. Tune the strings in the order of A-D-G-C, and gently push the pegs in after tuning.

End Stopper

To achieve the ideal playing position, adjust the height of your cello using the endpin while sitting in a comfortable posture with your feet flat on the floor and the cello positioned between your legs.

Care and Maintenance

It is important to clean your cello after each use. Keep a lint-free cloth inside your bag and use it to wipe off any rosin dust and dirt from your instrument. Pay close attention to the fingerboard and the top of the instrument. Regular cleaning will make a noticeable difference in the overall sound of your cello.

How to Rosin a Cello Bow:

1. Start by scraping one side of the new rosin with a hard object to facilitate rosin attachment to the bow.

2. Rub the bow head first, then rub it down to the end to ensure the same thickness.

3. Rub the bow back and forth several times, then place it on the strings and check for a smooth and refined sound.

4. Remember to regularly rosin your bow to maintain optimal bowing performance and sound quality.


ColorMatte; Varnish
Face MaterialSpruce
Back MaterialMaple
Side MaterialMaple
Headstock MaterialMaple
Tuning Peg MaterialEbony
Fingerboard MaterialEbony
Tailpiece MaterialEbony
Bridge MaterialMaple
Bow MaterialArbor
Bag Thickness7mm
Age Above 12 Years Old
Bow Length28.54" / 72.5cm
Panel Dimensions(29.72 x 17.72 x 5.91)" / (75.5 x 45 x 15)cm (L x W x H)
Cello Dimensions (48.42 x 17.72 x 5.91)" / (123 x 45 x 15)cm (L x W x H)

Package Includes:

1 x Full-size Cello

1 x Portable Bag

1 x Cello Bow

1 x Bridge

1 x Premium Rosin

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by L***e

on July 11,2024

The bow broke within two days, the bridge is a little high and the strings are not the best. A good starting cello but could be better if you put a little money into it to get a new bow, bridge and strings. Good for the price and is playable

by Y***z

on July 08,2024

I've been wanting to learn how to play the cello and finally decided to give it a shot with this student cello. I was nervous because this is my first time buying a musical instrument online. It arrived well packaged with not a scratch or ding. All this for a cello newbie and so far I'm off to a great start! The sound is lovely. All in all, I'm very pleased with my purchase!

by I***e

on June 30,2024

Great for beginner and not so expensive if changes mind. I am actually learning to play (senior adult) and glad I could afford it. Something I've always wanted to learn and enjoying every minute!

by J***n

on June 22,2024

I got this for my 5th grader, it was a great price for a starter versus renting. Easy set up. Teacher tuned and everything and it sounds great.

by B***n

on June 19,2024

I am glad I bought it! It is really a combination of quality and price.

by I***r

on June 07,2024

Reasonable Price (cheaper than renting a cello) and plays good for learning to play 12yr oldson...

by A***o

on May 24,2024

Graet deal

by E***o

on May 17,2024

Very good instrument. It was shipped quickly and arrived faster than expected. There was a hole in the box, but the Instrument is very well protected, there was no damage. I was surprised by the quality of the instrument for the price charged. Small adjustments were needed to make the strings lower, but it was simple. Very good sound.

by L***a

on May 09,2024

The instrument looks so beautiful and definitely worth the money. Our cello teacher says this is a good piece for beginner. It may not a good fit for professionals but for students, the piece does the job great!

by J***i

on April 28,2024

This cello is a great value and the Glarry Service Team very responsive. I received a bow with a section of hair missing and they helped me replace it quickly. Thank you!

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