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How to Maintenance/Care For Your Guitar or Bass?

Maybe the "video show" is a good way to explain how to maintenance/care for your guitar or bass. So why not see the video? By the way, thanks Scott Whitley.

We all want our instruments to last us a lifetime. To properly take care of and maintain your instrument, you need to make a bass guitar schedule.

First of all, make sure, you'd better do a proper cleaning every three or two months. Maybe you just need almost 5 minutes to do a basic maintenance.

Step 1: Take off the strings:

If you have any fret board besides maple or phenolic, give it a healthy dose of lemon oil after you have fully cleaned the frets and fret wiring. Let the oil soak in for ten minutes, and then wipe away the excess.

Step 2: Clearan your tremolo system:

Scrub out your cavities and use WD40 to get all the grime off. Take out your saddles, and clean the inside using cotton swabs coated in WD40. Take your time to clean every centimeter of your bridge; the bridge is the first part of your guitar subject to rot, mold, and grime.

Step 3: Cleaning your bass’s body

Use either a polish or guitar cleaner, and a microfiber cloth to avoid adding any scratches. Make sure to clan in between the horns, the back of the neck, and the head stock as well.

After you are fineshed cleaning your bass guitar totally, it will be better if you add a new set of strings.