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Glarry 20w Electric Bass Amplifier
By L***l
The shipping and processing is very quick. Unfortunately, I no longer needed the item, so I cannot gives reviews regarding it. The customer service is alright.
Glarry 20w Electric Guitar Amplifier
By S***y
My wife and i use these amps at camp. Perfect for us.
Glarry 20w Electric Bass Amplifier
By V***e
Just loud enough to practice on your bedroom.
Glarry 20w Electric Bass Amplifier
By M***s
Nice little practice amp for in the house. Would like to have seen a 3 prong plug on the cord. Other than that nice little amp.
Glarry ST Electric Guitar Square Hard Shell Lockable Carrying Case
By D***p
the case is very nice ,very happy with the looks should last a long time
Glarry 20w Electric Bass Amplifier
By W***o
Works fine. Just loud enough for practice in a small living room or bedroom. Honestly though, it seems to have the power of a 10 watt, not a 20. My guitar 20 watt amps are much more powerful. Even my 10 watt amps can go a bit louder. But this Glarry works just fine for what it is.
Glarry 20w Electric Guitar Amplifier
By 1***s
Guitar was worth the money only couple issues bridge is sharp so when I palm mute it makes my hand sore , the wammy bar is pointless if it's not a Floyd Rose then what the point . and top nut needed filing down for e a d strings otherwise it good guitar
Glarry ST Electric Guitar Square Hard Shell Lockable Carrying Case
By M***r
I have ordered many cases from Glarry, but sad to say, this is my least favorite. It is ALMOST a good case. Almost. The general layout is good; enough room for the body without too much, enough room for the headstock at the other end, decent width overall. Thick padding on the top of the case to help keep the guitar in place when it's closed. The problems come about when you consider the middle section, where the neck rests. The slots hold the neck pretty well, but the door for the compart ...
Glarry ST Electric Guitar Square Hard Shell Lockable Carrying Case
By K***n
The guitar case is awesome glad I ordered
Glarry ST Electric Guitar Square Hard Shell Lockable Carrying Case
By R***y
I Would've given 5 stars except for one tiny flaw. The cover for the accessories box opens when carrying the case around! It needs a latch or something to keep it closed. Velcro or some other means to keep that cover closed and its contents secure would make this guitar case absolutely perfect! I will figure out to fix this problem and other than that i'm VERY HAPPY with my purchase!
Glarry Portable Cloth Alto Saxophone Gig Case Black Red Coffee Blue
By D***a
I have a 70's era Buescher sax with left-side bell keys. Although this case doesn't fit perfectly, it DOES work. For the price, you can't go wrong.
Service Team:

We appreciate your support for Glarry. If you have other questions, please contact our customer support center cs@glarrymusic.com, we will do everything we can to help you. Thanks for your support.

Glarry ST Electric Guitar Straight Flange Hard Shell Lockable Carrying Case
By s***n
Its pretty good for the money-use for your beater guitars. Like how it sits flat.
Service Team:

Thanks for your comment. We will try harder to offer better products and service. Looking forward to your next visit! GLARRY

Glarry Electric Guitar Arched Leather Hard Shell Case
By M***m
This case was priced very low, but delivery went an extra couple of days dur to FedEx running all around TN to MS and back to TN. Actually the case is not as sturdy as my other Gibson or SKB cases but for a home build LP it's ok for now.
Glarry ST Electric Guitar Square Hard Shell Lockable Carrying Case
By S***S
Inexpensive, serviceable. Will protect your guitar.
Glarry Mini Foldable Guitar Stand Black
By G***S
This stand is functional, but not as sturdy as I would like. I should have ordered your better stand for a few more bucks, but I will next time.
Glarry Electric Bass Strings Set
By K***y
Decent quality bass strings at a fantastic price. Well worth the $7.95 that they charge.
Glarry ST High Grade Electric Guitar Square Hard Shell Lockable Carrying Case Yellow
By B***s
Very good and stylish tweed case for the money.It is not as sturdy as the real Fender G&G,but for 1/3 to 1/4 of the price is a good value case.I will order again.
Glarry Ukulele Leather Hard Case Yellow 21inch 23inch 26inch
By E***r
This is the 2nd Glarry Ukulele case I have purchased; one concert size, one tenor size. I am mostly pleased with them, they are both sturdy and nice looking. The dimensions shown are correct IF you completely compress the foam sides. My tenor (StewMac solid wood kit) is 9 1/8" at its widest part of the body and it is a snug fit for the 26" case (i.e. 10" width). The same was true for the concert uke (StewMac mahogany top kit) in the 23" case. And if you have a tail strap button, it will fit, but ...
Glarry ST Electric Guitar Flat Surface Hard Shell Lockable Carrying Case
By D***n
I like the cases overall, but the hinges keep falling off.
Glarry Non-adjustable Folding Percussion Drum Stool Round Seat
By L***a
Pretty comfortable stool and easy to put together. Folds up for transport. Height is not adjustable.
Glarry 5 String 6 String Banjo Microgroove Leather Wood Hardshell Case
By G***n
Neck of my banjo doesn't fit quite right yet. Overall nice case for the price.
Glarry ST Electric Guitar Flat Surface Hard Shell Lockable Carrying Case
By D***S
Ok I bought 3 cases two Square cases for my Telecasters. One tweed which is fine ! Nice plush and nice compartment fit is great. The same case in Black is cheaper quality, the plush is thin , the compartment smaller , it has no padding at bottom end of case so I use three pieces of long bubble wrap held in place by a strip of velcro, not enough padding under body of my Tele so I use a small towel, it also is missing the velcro neck strap at the neck in front of compartment that keep guitar in pl ...
Glarry A-Style Mandolin Microgroove Pattern Leather Hardshell Case Black
By C***e
Perfect case for what I needed. Great product for the price. Only wish there were 3 fasteners instead of 2 , but certainly not a big deal.
Glarry Single-tube X-type Keyboard Stand Black
By S***n
Came early and was easy to assemble and seems really solid.
Glarry ST Electric Guitar Square Hard Shell Lockable Carrying Case
By R***l
I bought a Fender carry case a few days before the Glarry carry case. They are very very similar. The Glarry is lighter (+/- 4kg vs +/-5.2kg) but €100 cheaper so all in all a pretty good deal. There is a 2cm gap between the head of both the Tele and the Strat and the end of the case in the Glarry case and a 1cm gap in the Fender case.
Glarry Single-tube X-type Keyboard Stand Black
By L***i
Was in good condition and goes well for my piano set
Glarry Tubular Acoustic Guitar Stand Holder Black
By C***l
The top was a little lose but doesn't effect it. Arrived quick.

There are a lot of guitar accessories. Putting the guitar in the guitar case to avoid space moisture can better protect the guitar. It can double shoulder or single shoulder.The material affects the weight of case and quality, guitar case convenient and practical, can be loaded with a variety of items accessories.

The tuner is best music accessories. Guitar tuning that we first need to turn on the tuner and tune it to 'Guitar' because the tuner can also tune the violin and other instruments. It is suggested that the beginner of instrument should start with the thickest string in order, because the thinnest string is easier to break, we can grasp the scale slowly, after all the adjustments are made, we can slowly pull the strings to see the accuracy.

Metronome, strings and capos are essential music accessories. Guitar accessories online which you can find suitable musical accessories.